Brunch, brunch, brunch it has always been called in Catalonia "un esmorzar de forquilla", which means a breakfast with a fork, that means you are eating something more consistent than a bowl of cereal. In Catalonia, we have been doing that for ages but Mediterranean style.

Now with the introduction of brunch as it is in America, lots of places have appeared and prepare the typical brunch with eggs florentine or eggs Benedict with toasts, garnishments and cocktails as well. You can check out the amazing brunch we had at Hotel Barceló Raval.

But today I want to talk about the brunch we had at Café Federal that is located in Sant Antoni's area. Sant Antoni is an area of Barcelona that has become very famous, as great bars and restaurants have opened the doors. La Federal is one of them, great atmosphere, cool design, table sharing and an upper floor terrace make this place a special spot.

The offer sweet and salty brunches. You can eat cakes and toasties with some jam and butter but also eggs, bacon, potatoes and a wide variety of things you can add up to your brunch to make a full plate of your choice.

They have natural smoothies, fruit cocktails, alcoholic cocktails and so much more to discover. Check out what we had:

Poche eggs, onion and pesto

Poche eggs, onion and pesto

Very tasty! We love it! But we wanted to try more and more, I have to come back and go for the carrot cake and a banana smoothie they looked delish. It is quite full at the weekends so you will probably have to queue on the outside. We need to go back and get a place in the terrace, at summer it must be fab!

It is not the cheapest of places, this cost around 15 euros per person, a drink and the brunch. If you take into account that you are not having breakfast and neither a full lunch then it is not bad.

If you go on a Sunday you can also visit the Sant Antoni market where there are second-hand items such as books, dvd's, cd's, jewelry and all sort of things.