Caj Chai, this is a teahouse in the city center near Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona. I have heard about this place for so long but I never had the chance to go and try it. I am a tea lover so you if you are looking for me you will probably find me with a cup of tea in hand, my favorite is black tea and macha tea and I always appreciate a good tea menu that offers variety and uniqueness.

Caj Chai teahouse and shop

I loved the place and the decoration, it is a very cosy place and invites you to sit down and relax. You can smell all the tea from the entrance from where your tea experience starts. They have a large variety of teas and infusions, more than 140 are in the menu and they also serve pastries from different countries, perfect to go along with your tea.

As mentioned, the menu offers 140 varieties of infusions and teas that are prepared according to the product requirements and their staff is well trained. They often have something new to offer as well, so follow their facebook page Caj Chai to know what is the new pastries going out from the oven, tea specialties, and new arrivals.

Caj Chai teahouse

Caj Chai teahouse

They have new arrivals every season, so even if you are a regular you still have new choices, they work with teas of many countries but the main ones are: China, Japan, Corea, Taiwan, Nepal and India. The tea preparation is a true ritual and this makes the experience more authentic. The use fresh quality teas and use purified water and respecting the proper temperature to prepare that variety of tea and steeping time.

You can time travel at Caj Chai not only with the flavors of the tea but also for the whole experience since the tea is served using accessories from the country of origin.

They have also a shop so you can buy tea, they import the finest gourmet teas from around the world as well as artisan tea accessories. If you are a tea lover you will enjoy their workshop agenda, they prepare tea courses, tastings, and workshops every month.

We were lucky as we went early in the morning and we were the only customers so it was very quiet but I can imagine that it can be very busy at peak times in the afternoon.

I had a cold Chai tea and my friend had an Ayurveda hot tea, nice presentation, and good quality, my Chai tea was very tasty with this great flavor of species and cinnamon, it is one of my favorites.