Canaletes fountain is a symbol in Barcelona city and famous to be the meeting place for locals and visitors to celebrate the victories of Barça, Football club Barcelona. The fountain has become one of the most visited landmarks, and when something is being celebrated for Barça you can see a huge gathering in front of it.

The popular name Canaletes has direct associations with the sporting victories of the local team, in 1900 it was a place of gathering already because if where they put the scores of the football teams, so any fans went there to check them out.

The scores were written in a blackboard right in front of the newspaper's office in la Rambla. The name Canaletes though comes from the 14th century, and it is referred to the water channels that brought water down from Collserola hill into town. On 18th century, a college was built on the site but what they did was to create a fountain, Canaletes, and the water jet was used to supply the fountain.

Canaletes as we see it nowadays,its the result of the demolition of that building in 19th century and at that time is when the construction of the fountain as it is now, took place. An iron monument with four water spouts that have the Barcelona shield, the fountain is crowned with a streetlamp of four arms. 

The legend says that anyone who drinks water from the fountain will return to Barcelona, if I were you just in case I would drink! If you want to know more interesting facts about FCB Barcelona read our related articles.

Disclaimer: Canaletes fountain picture by Óscar Palop