Catalonia has incredible national parks, as a local I have to say that I don't even know half of them and since we have it nearby we have the feeling we have all our lives to visit them and we never do. My objective is to show you the amazing landscapes on Catalonia's national parks, we have unique flora and fauna.

Cap de Creus national park

It is a peninsula surrounded by the sea and a headland located at the far northeast of Catalonia, there are 50km of coast that belong to that special part of the country. Towns such as Port de la Selva, Selva de Mar, Roses, Pau, Vilajuïga and parts of Llançà belong to Cap de Creus.

In the peninsula, there are the mountains of Rodes, pretty impressive heights to be so near the sea side. We found incredible monuments in the area, Sant Pere de Rodes monastery is one of the jewels to be found in the area.

Long time ago this area was surrounded with dense vegetation, some of the names of the towns in the surroundings indicate that there were thick forests in the area. Unfortunately, since some of the agroculture was abandoned in the area and fires also took place have changed the landscape to a dryer land. This part of Catalonia is very special because of the wind, Tramuntana is how we call the wind of the north, a very strong wind that has shaped the mountains, rocks and cliffs.

Cap de Creus in costa brava

It is a very rich ecosystem for animals, although vegetation is not abundant due to being near the sea side, the wind and the salt. We can find a wide variety of birds, rabbits, wild pigs, foxes and badgers and even tortoises.

The most interesting animal life lies on the sea, it is one of the biggest coral reefs in the Mediterranean, where the red one is the largest. The gastronomy of the area is influenced by this ecosystem and the Mediterranean sea brings the table lobsters, large-scaled scorpion fish and monkfish among others.

In Cap de Creus you can do a lot of activities, from diving, sailing and practice water sports in the coast to multiple mountain activities. You can follow the path GR-11, a great route path that goes along Mas Paltré, Port de la Selva and Cap de Creus.

Cap de Creus lighthouse

Cap de Creus lighthouse

Cap de Creus lighthouse is one of the Costa Brava existing lighthouses, it is located in "punta de l'Esquena" in Cap de Creus. It is a lighthouse from XIX century that has an 11 metre tower, 20m far from the lighthouse we can see the remainings of a medieval observation tower.

Cadaqués and Llançà

There are incredible towns near Cap de Creus and we have visited some of them. They all have something in common, the sea, they are on the rocky Costa Brava and have a tasty gastronomy based on fish delicacies. Check them out in our full review of Cadaqués and Llançà.

Cadaques in costa brava

Cadaques in costa brava