Carnival in Barcelona is a very special time of the year, everyone celebrates with joy a crazy time when everyone dresses up and walks around the city partying. In Barcelona there are parades and carnival events and they can be as colorful as in other places such as Cologne or Mainz

One disguises oneself and goes around the city and to the events planned to show off their costumes. Children and adults love carnival for many reasons, it is fun and is one of the festivities that puts some color into winter time.

Carnival begins in Spain with the Dirty Thursday or as we call it in Catalan Dijous Gras, the day is dedicated to the greasy and vice and the typical thing to do is to eat egg sausage.

The weekend belongs to Carnival Guilds, there are many events in town but we recommend the parade done in la Ribera and Born area in the old city. On Sunday is what we call the Taronjada, that is a colorful battle of orange balloons and confetti done at the end of the parade in el Born.

Last but not least, Ash Wednesday, is when the Carnival time comes to an end with the funeral of the sardine. The King of Carnival dies on that day and it is buried in his grave. Traditionally on this day fish is eaten, but nowadays almost no one still does it.

Carnival in Sitges

Sitges is the Venice of the area in regards to Carnivals, is a town located 15 kilometres away, the parade is unique and it is very popular among the LGTB community since Sitges is a place where there is a lot of population LGTB.

The carnival has been celebrated for over 100 years, the most famous part is what they call the Rua de la Disbauxa -parade- on Sunday, and the Rua de l'Exterminiam on Tuesday afternoon. Children love it too, so it would be a good plan to bring them to the parade. You can easily get to Sitges from Barcelona taking a train from Sants Station and the trip takes around 40 minutes.

Barcelona Calendar Carnival

2016 Carnival in Barcelona

  • 04.02.2016: Dirty Thursday (Dijous Gras)
  • 08.02.2016: Shrove Monday (Dilluns de Carnaval)
  • 10.02.2016: Ash Wednesday ( Dimecres de Cendra)

2017 Carnival in Barcelona

  • 23.02.2017: Dirty Thursday (Jueves Ladero)
  • 27.02.2017: Shrove Monday
  • 01.03.2017: Ash Wednesday

Time out Barcelona has done a compilation of things to do in Carnival in Barcelona.

Disclaimer: Carnival picture by Nicolas de Camaret

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