Casa de les Punxes or also called Casa Terradas is a building design by the modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch. The house is located right in the Diagonal Avenue, one of the most important ones in the city.

In 1905, Mr Terradas gave the job to Cadafalch to design a house for his three sisters. The result was Casa Terradas, a building that reminds you about the medieval castles, with six towers that are crowned with a cone-shaped needle each. This is the reason why it is called Casa de les Punxes, punxes in Catalan means needles, the House of the Needles.

Mr Terradas was an important Catalan textile industrial businessmen. He had three sisters and a daughter and he took care of his family leaving a small fortune to them and Casa de les Punxes. As part of the decoration, there is an angel made by Enric Monserdà, that represents one of the sisters, Àngela Terradas.

Casa de les Punxes

Puig i Cadafalch designed the house inspired by the castle of Neuschwanstein, in Baviera in Germany. The house was built in 1905, with a medieval look and with elements of the European Gothic architecture.

The main characteristic of the house are the 6 towers that go with their cone-shaped needles on top. For the façade they used bricks but you can also see decorative elements on it. Sant Jordi appears as part of the decoration, which is also part of the Catalan culture.

The house holds three flats, one for each sister but on the outside it looks like a house as a whole which was intentionally done by the architect. You will see that flower decoration is present in different parts of the building, there are also zodiac signs represented associated with the yearly seasons.

It is funny to find the face of the architect in the building, you will see a man with round glasses, big lips and he is Josep Puig i Cadafalch. You will see works with iron, stained glass and vegetables and fruits as decorative elements too.

One of the main changes that will happen during the rehabilitation of the building they will include an elevator that will communicate the three floors of the building. They will get rid of any modifications that have been done in the recent years to recover the original state that the building had when it was built.

The rooftop is one of the most impressive parts of the building as it is where the six towers are, it is a space of more than 600m2, from the tallest tower there is a viewpoint with magnificent views of the city.

Visit Casa de les Punxes

It will be soon opened to the public once they finish their rehabilitation works. Although during all these years the building could not be seen in the inside, it has been very famous in the city due to the interest of their façade and the needles of course.