Casa Fuster is a building by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner built in 1908 and one of the most sumptuous examples of modernism in Barcelona. Casa Fuster is located in Passeig de Gràcia street, the high-end street for shopping in Barcelona. 

It is considered to be the most costly building ever built in the city, but although it is the most costly, there is a combination of simplicity and the decoration of the building. On 1911, it was considered the most expensive house in the city because of the materials used in its construction.The façade, it was the first one done with whtie marble in Barcelona city.

The original owner of the building was Mariano Fuster, a wealthy Mallorcan who gave the house as a gift to his wife, Consol Fabra. Mr Mariano Fuster i Fuster, was a gentleman from the Mallorca high society, he met in Barcelona his future wife, Consuelo Fabra i Puig the daughter of Marquess d'Alella.

Mr Fuster gave the house to his wife, it was under Consol's name and there is a rose window dedicated to her as it shows by the initials CF, you can see it in the façade located in Jesus street. The building is a mix of neo-gothic style and modernist style. 

There are fine materials used such as white marble, glass, and slate among others. Domènech i Montaner worked with his son in this project and left his imprint on the building, his pink columns, trilobate windows, and floral motifs. He designed the building with a combination of curves and straight lines.

The Casa Fuster is a luxury five-star hotel since 2004, the hotel chain Hotels Center acquired the house on 2000 and they rehabilitated the building respecting the originality. it has 96 rooms and suites and it has a famous restaurant Gourment Galaxò and the El Mirador del Passeig terrace with panoramic views. You can have a drink inside Casa Fuster and enjoy the building on the inside as well.

Diclaimer: Casa fuster by Roger Ferrer