Casa Vicens is a modernist building in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudí. It is probably one of the less known buildings of the artist and it is condiered one of the first buildings of Art Nouveau and it was he firs house he designed.

The house is a unique design with Oriental and Moorish details and is in a peaceful location in the neighbourhood of Gràcia. The building is covered with white and green tiles, we know Gaudí loves artisan work and working with different materials, tiles and ceramics being one of his favorites. Tiles were not only used because of Gaudí's passion for artisan work but also because Manuel vicens Montaner the owner of the house was a tile manufacturer.

Gaudí inspired himself from nature but in this building you can see some Mudejar style as well as Indian and Japanese forms in the structure and style. Casa Vicens is a private building and it is closed to visitors but you can see it on the outside and it is magnificent, a recommended stop in Gràcia.

As mentioned, the sytle of Casa Vicens is a Neo-Mudéjar kind of style, but what is trully unique is that Gaudí blends in perfectly different styles from traditional ones to foreign ones in the same work. 

At the time of the construction Gaudí just came out as a graduate from the Provincial school of Architecture in Barcelona but he already had his own style that could show in his first house assignment: Casa Vicens.

The roof of the house is slopped into two sides and has four gables and there is also a small path built in the edge of the roof so it could be accessible if maintenance needed to be done. A characteristic of Gaudí with no doubt is the ventilation systems and chimneys that he blends in as part of the full design of the building.

The house has four levels, the basement, two floors and then a loft. On the ground floor there is a dining room, the most decorated room in the whole house with many figures from nature. In the ground floor there is also a smoking room and two more rooms. On the second floor is where the family lived and their bedrooms were. On the third floor is where the servants lived and in the basement they left it as storage space, junk room and the kitchen.

Just looking at the house from the outside you notice that Gaudí used vibrant colors to built it and different materials among them tiles, bricks and iron. The iron railings have plant motifs and plant leaves, the architect included always nature details in different parts of his buildings.

Casa Vicenç


22, 24, 27, 32, 87, 92, 114, V17

L6-Sant Gervasi, L7-Plaça Molina