Animals are our little children, I can speak about that now that I have a cat of my own and is my little fur child. From now on cats will also have its place in a cafeteria in Barcelona called Espai de Gats, it is a very unique space that allows client to relax being surrounded by cats and play with them while they enjoy their coffee or any other beverage from their menu.

The cafeteria has books, music and also wifi, giving a complete experience and a plus as you can play with the cats and be with them. The objective of Espai de gats is to facilitate the adoption of cats though.

The cost per cat will go around 80 to 150 euros, depending on the expenses, and they will go out from this protective places with all the needed requirements. Espai de gats collaborates with associations that protect animals to facilitate adoption, those will make sure that the animals are vaccinated, have a chip on them and are sterilized. There will be a fee to adopt a cat, based in the expenses mentioned before.

They plan to organize workshops and courses about the behaviour of cats, their health and nutrition and also the wellbeing of the animal. Some activities will be free and others will be paid.

The cat café is located in Gràcia neighbourhood and you can get in paying a monthly fee being an associate or a reduced entrance of 3€ per person. The cafeteria will open very soon, check out their channels to stay tunned.

This is their promotional video that can help you get an idea what it is like to get a coffee surrounded by cats: