On Monday I was telling you about sharing economy and live like a local, I tried myself one of this experiences with Trip4real and I went for a catalan cuisine cooking workshop at Yves house.

Yves was a marketing online professional reconverted into a cook, a very inspiring story of how life can change so much and for the better if you really think what really would make you happy doing in life. Passion is something that can transfer from one to another, and it really did, Yves made us all exited about the dinner and collaborate to each other to make it happen.

We went to his house to experience the catalan cuisine in all the essence, we were a group of 8 people that we didn't know each other before meeting for the activity.

The kitchen is amazing, it looks like a decor magazine, full os species, little details but very functional as well so it makes you want to cook only seeing the ingredients ready.

We were 2 catalans and one guy from Venezuela living in Barcelona and all the others from the rest of Spain. It was a good mix as not everyone already knew the ingredients and the dishes we were going to prepare.

Yves is a magnificient host, I felt comfortable at all times and this is a very important thing, sometimes we are scared on this new activities but feeling like home is they key to enjoy to the fullest.

We were 16 hands on preparing the dinner, Yves organized us in groups so we could start different tasks that needed to be done. Apron on and peeling and chopping potatoes was my first task while beer in hand -it helps mingle and created a cool at atmosphere-.

Our first dish was "empedrat", very catalan dish made with chick peas or white beans along with green pepper, tomatoes, onion and all with a romesco sauce that is very typical as well from Catalonia.


Romesco sauce is made with nyoras -a red pepper, a special one-, almonds and hazelnuts and garlic, tomatoes. All together looks like this, beautiful, isn't it?

As a main dish we had a mar i montanya, this is how we call the dishes that have meat and fish together, so we had meatballs done with cuttlefish legs in them and also cuttlefish cut down in little pieces along with peas and onion. This is a dish called in catalan mandonguilles amb sèpia (meatballs with cuttlefish).


It was delicious and the garnishment were oven baked potatoes. No one could complain as we did all the dishes, so each of us did some part of the dish.

Our dessert was a chocolate explotion, very easy to do recipe, a truffle wrapped with pastry and fried, this makes the truffle soft and warm.

I had a great time and I would recommend it to anyone, a very good opportunity to mingle with locals and try typical food made at home, and also for locals to meet new people and have an evening with a different touch.

If you would like to be part of this experience you can book it at Trip4real (65 euros per person). They do have a wide range of activities for you to discover barcelona in a different and local way. My experience was done in Spanish but it can be booked in Spanish, English, French, German and Swiss German as well.

Disclaimer: I was invited to participate in this experience in Trip4real through Blogonbrands platform. As always, no one can't buy love, so this is my honest opinion about it.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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