Catalonia independence has been the topic of the last 4 years in Spain and it has become a conflict known internationally. After 2012 demonstration in 11th September and 2013 via catalana a human chain from north to south of Catalonia, 2014 V of victory demonstrating in Gran Via and in 2015 a demonstration in La Meridiana in Barcelona everyone knows about the Catalan will of being independent.

People asked to have the chance to decide their own future in every single demonstration, Catalonia a new state of Europe. A demonstration gathering with around 2 million people each year. The Catalan politicians answered to this demonstration in 2014 allowing a referendum on 9th November 2014 that was not legally binding since Spain did not allow it to be.

Now a new element has come into place since Catalonia's president Artur Mas announced that all Catalan parties pro-referendum had decided all together a date to celebrate that referendum and the question.

The date was 9th November 2014 and it was linked to a question, if the first answer was a yes, there was next question to answer. If the first answer was no, then the second question cannot be answered:

  1. Would you like Catalonia to be a State?
  2. Would you like Catalonia to be an independent State?
All political parties in Catalonia that are pro the self-determination right negotiated and came with this two questions and the date. 9th November 2014, it is a very special date, not only is the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin wall but it is also the 300th anniversary of 1714, Catalonia's national day (11th September 1714).

The Spanish government already answered to Catalonia that they will not allow the referendum as it is not constitutional. Although the right of self-determination is a democratic right. The referendum happened in 9/11, and it was an incredible feeling to see 100-year-old grannies go to vote with tears in their eyes hoping to be walking a step towards independence.

Next step for Catalans in 2015 is on 27th September when there will be elections in Catalonia with the thought of Independence driving them. Parties have positioned themselves in favor or against independence for voters to decide, and President Mas has promised to start an independence process if the most voted parties are pro-independence in the election.

This is the last step for a long path from 2012 demonstrations until 2015 demonstrations that will end up in a democratic election and legal right to vote for the future of a nation. However and as expected, Spain is totally against those elections and has no intention of accepting any terms with Catalonia in regards of her autonomy

Resources talking about the date and the referendum in 2014:

The economist, BBC: Spain to block Catalonia independence referendum, The guardian: Catalonia sets date for independence referendum, but Madrid vows to block it and Euroactiv: Catalonia president calls EU leaders to support independence referendum.

Resources talking about the catalan election in 2015:

Catalonia the costs of independence by Forbes, Catalonia leader calls for election framed as vote on Independence by reuters, wikipedia Catalonia parliamentary election in 2015.

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