Illa diagonal is a shopping centre located in the high end in Barcelona. La illa, means literally a block of houses, named like this as is the extension that occupies the shopping complex. Is one of high-end shopping centres, expect to see nice attendants, very well organized shops and even in Primark - a cheap clothes brand- that if you were to visit this shop in any other location it would be a complete mess.

The shopping centre has more than 170 shops and restaurants, but in the complex there are also two fours star hotels, two schools, a sport centre, a dance hall, a conference centre and even a public park and a car park.

Some people don't know that the building was inspired by the Rockefeller Centre in New York, it has 334 metres long in the façade and if you look closer you will see that it is a skyscraper lying down.

There are shops for all budgets in la Illa, I give you some examples of clothe shopping from Primark in the low end, to Mango, Zara, Violeta and Scalpers, Cortefiel etc... You can also find cosmetic brands such as Lush. bags and luggage, cafeterias and restaurants inside too. Find la Illa shops in their shop directory.