The CCCB is the Centre of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona located in the Raval area in the city. Its main topic is the city, the urban culture and it has the objective to be the tie between the academical worlds with the creation and the citizens. The CCCB organizes during the year exhibitions, debates, festivals, concerts, cinema cycles, courses, conferences and encourages the creativity.

The centre occupies an area of 15.000 m² from which 4.000 are dedicated to exhibitions. The building has a library, different rooms and classrooms with different uses. It is important to mention that the CCCB is not a museum so it doesn't have a permanent collection as such but it has all documentation related with the projects produced in it and any exhibitions done, all this document archive is accessible to the public.

The CCCB works in a network with international institutions and agents, and is linked at the same time to artists, creators’ groups, curators and independent cultural agents from the Barcelona area, supporting their proposals to participate in their creative capital and give them visibility.