Everyone knows Gaudí and their amazing buildings, most of them in Barcelona: Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Parc Güell and the unfinished Sagrada Família.

Who knows César Martinell? Please rise your hand...it looks like he is not as known, he was a catalan architect as well and he was part of the selected group of architects connected to Gaudí.

César Martinell style was Modernisme and Noucentisme, his major work was designing wineries that are called wine cathedrals. Martinell built his wine cathedrals around Catalonia in Falset, Nulles, Cornudella de Montsant, Montblanc and Gandesa.

You know I love wine so I was very happy to know that with the Travel Bloggers meeting we were going to visit César Martinell's wine cellar in Gandesa.

What an amazing wine cellar, is magnificent and if you do know the architecture from Gaudí you can find a very close style mainly in materials and archs that are present in the buildings.

Celler Cooperatiu de Gandesa

It is a modernist building by Cèsar Martinell that it was built in 1920, it is known as one if the wine cathedrals and it is protected by two denominations: seven wonders in Catalonia and building of national interest.

The wine cellar was founded by 48 members in 1919. On 2008 the wine cellar had 458 members, selling wine, olives and almonds. Their production is around 4 millions of kilograms of wine, white and red. The grapes belong to different varieties: garnatxa blanca, garnatxa vermella, garnatxa peluda, garnatxa gris, carinyena etc...

Wines are made exploring the attributes of wine varieties typical from that area, white young wines and also red wines.

I had the chance to taste some during dinner and they were great, having the chance to have dinner in this wine cellar was an amazing experience. If you like architecture and modernism this is a must visit for you.