A holiday in Maldives doesn't have to be very expensive if you don't want to, the Maldives is a country known to be a honeymoon destination and also a luxury one but there are plenty of cheap holiday options in the Maldives for all budgets. In our stay, we have been in three different islands in three atolls, and each of them has different features and prices depending on your needs. 

We stayed at three different resorts of the Crown and Champa brand, they are 4 star resorts, mid-range budget, and you can get pretty good deals through the year. Something that you need to take into account is that the moment you book a resort in the Maldives, the only means of transport is a charter seaplane from Malé to the resort, which most likely means around 300 dollars per person return. 

Resorts own the whole island where they are located so there are no public ferries that take you there or anything like that, be conscious that apart from the daily rate, the seaplane price will be added to your final price.

All resorts work more or less the same, since the island is owned by the property, you should book at least half board, if you don't eat that much with breakfast and dinner you will have enough, there are full board rates and also full inclusive that you get some activities, soft drinks, water and some alcoholic beverages.

Budget for a holiday to the Maldives

The budget for a holiday always depends on what kind of traveller you are, if you like to eat in à la carte restaurants, do a lot of activities or just ie down in the beach and relax. I have taken as an example my holiday and activities we have done in our trip to Maldives to create a budget and show you that you can actually get a cheap holiday to the Maldives, it is not only a luxury destination. It is affordable for the rest of the mortals as well, you might not have your private island, a yacth or lobster everyday, but hey its Maldives!!

The below budget takes into account the below:

  • Same dates across the resorts: 14th October to 19th October
  • 5 nights of accommodation for 2 pax in a beach villa
  • meal plan: full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner in a buffet restaurant)
  • All prices below are in american dollars.

Kuredu, Vilamendhoo and Meeru islands

You need to do your research, in my essential guide to the Maldives I show you the basics of what you should take into account to visit the Maldives, visit the full description of every island to find the one that fits best for your taste and you can see what I did in each one of them: Kuredu, Meeru and Vilamendhoo.

I visited the three islands and I loved each one of them, Kuredu the biggest one with a house reef near the shore and sea turtles that eat the sea grass only few metres from the sand. Vilamendhoo, the paradise for divers and snorkel lovers, with activities such as the whaleshark, manta rays and turtle excursion and with the most incredible house reef we have seen in the Maldives. Meeru is a medium size island, near Malé 

Another thing to take into account when choosing an island is how far it is from the capital since this will also add up to the cost, the transport can be by boat or seaplane, seaplanes cost double the price of a boat. 

A lot of you have been asking how much it costs a holiday to Maldives, it all depends on what you choose but for a mid-range room category, a beach villa with full board, the cheapest island of three would be Meeru, since you save in transportation, as you get there by boat. The following would be Kuredu and the last but not least Vilamendhoo.

You can play around with room categories and times of the year, the cheapest room category is the Garden Villa, I stayed in a Garden villa in Vilamendhoo and it has everything you need. I will tell you that you will not spend much time in the room, since there is so much outside to do, the difference between the room categories is really the location.

Check out the essential guide to visit Maldives for details about the country, transport, weather and how to choose the perfect iland for your holiday.

Tip: the cheapest month to book in the Maldives is June, prices per room start at 200 dollars, is low season for them and you can get great deals at half price for accomodation and 4 to 8 weeks before arrival they start generating more deals to get the seaplane for free or added value to the rate, so watch out for offers.

Independent and budget travel it is possible in the Maldives

If you are interested in travelling on your own and in a budget this is also possible in the Maldives. You will be looking at room rates from 60 dollars and meals from 5 dollars per person. The article from never ending footsteps about how to travel the Maldives on a budget is a great resort to discover how to go around the country on your own. To stay in a local island, you might be looking at a budget of 100 dollars for two people per day with room and meals included. 

So it is possible to get a cheap holiday to the Maldives, bargains are rare, since transport is mostly private so there are costs that won't go down but it in low season accommodation prices and add ons -all inclusive for free- are possible.

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