Our visit to Brussels could not be complete without chocolate of course, belgian chocolate is well known all around and in every corner in Brussels there is a chocolatier showing his creations to the city. Chocolate bars, hot chocolate, chocolats of every kind with fruit, with liquor, black, white and milk chocolate... There is a match for every taste...See some of the chocolat shops we discovered on our go around the city.

The first day we arrived, after lunch we had a private chocolate session to learn how to do our own chocolate treats and discover chocolate secrets.

We went to do our own creation of chocolate with a class with Laurent Gerbaud chocolatier, he is not only very professional but very funny, we had a great time doing our chocolate pieces and decorating them with dry fruits. We discovered berries of different kinds and cocoa shell as an ingredient to decorate chocoalte that is a source of magnesium!

I was the first one to start filling in the molds with melted chocolate, being the bride on my hen party I didn't have much choice and I was proud of my performance, so only a couple of chocolate drops in my hands and the molds filled and ready to be decorated. I had to hurry as there only only 2 minutes aproximately so the dry fruit settles as the chocolate starts to harden.

After our creation we had chocolate tasting, my favorite part of course, we were all with shiny eyes looking at the chocolate in front of us waiting to hear the signal to start. We started from the lowest quality of chocolate to the highest and Laurent explained the charactestics and differences among them as we moved along with the pieces.

Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting

We started with a standard quality of chocolate that you can find in the supermarket, at first I thought it was great but as we moved along the next qualities it seemed really bad compared to the rest. We tried fruity ones such as crystalized ginger and orange covered with chocolate I am not a big fan of crystalized fruits but I have to admit the taste was great. We also tried milk chocolate with pistacchios, a blend of Madagascar, Peru and Ecuador black chocolate alone and some others with dry berries, hazelnut chocolate balls etc...

One of the most typical ones are chocolates with speculoos that is a shortcrust biscuit very typical from Belgium, they are speculoos cookies and also chocolates as the one we tried.

My favorites were gaire aux noisettes, the hazelnut chocolate little balls with milk chocolate and it is a mix of hazelnuts from Piemont and cajou nuts. It was a sort of a Ferrero Rocher but high quality and the texture is amazing, it explodes in your mouth and the hazelnut cream melts in your mouth. If you go to Brussels you need to try them! Of course I bought a bag of those and I have them in the house, perfect for a quality chocolate fix.

Laurent Gerbaud chocolatier

Open everyday from 10.30am to 07.30pm

Rue Ravenstein 2D, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
+32 2 511 16 02

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