The chocolate museum is the sweetest museum in Barcelona with no doubt, it is located in the old Sant Agustí convent and the pâtissiers of Barcelona have been very much involved in the project of the museum.

The museum goes through the origin of chocolate, from its arrivals to Europe as well as its spreading as an element with nutritional value and medicinal applications.

The chocolate museum is located in an ancient convent, making the building and interest on its own and moreover, it was related to chocolate as well. On XVIII century, the borbonic army consumed chocolate and it was a product present in their menus. Chocolate was present in the dietary menu rules, saying that each official and cadet should have one ounce and half of chocolate with bread for breakfast.

From 1492 chocolate became part of the culture and a product for the rich, making chocolate for the elite only. Barcelona harbour became the entry door for the chocolate to be extended to Europe.

In Barcelona is where on XIX century, there is the first chocolate workroom where chocolate is being transformed from a drink to a solid product.

The aim of the museum is to facilitate the access to the chocolate knowledge and history of this product, in genera,l and in Barcelona city. They do it through different activities where you can experiment and work with chocolate with all your senses and learn from it.

The chocolate museum in Barcelona is divided in 8 different areas:

Shop-Cafeteria: is the space to taste hot chocolate or cold along with homemade pastries and you can buy national and international chocolate

Cocoa and chocolate: this is where all the process is explained, from the chocolate seed until the cocoa becomes chocolate. Where does the cocoa come from? How do they harvest cocoa? Where can it be found? etc...

Chocolate, a bridge between cultures: we can find in cocoa's and chocolate history a bridge between cultures, from the Maya-Azteca original to their arrival in Spain and their entrance in Europe.

Art and creation: Chocolate is a source of inspiration for art and culture. 

Pâtisseries and chocolate: this section shows how masters of chocolate and pâtissiers can transform chocolate into incredible chocolate masterpieces.

Audiovisuals: there is an audiovisual about chocolate that allows visitors to discover the history if chocolate in a more visual and interactive format

Machinery: this section is a go through the most important machines related to chocolate making.

Barcelona room: is the area where you can observe impressive chocolate figures and understand the pâtisiser tradition in Catalonia

The museum offers a wide variety of activities, from school activities to those for the general public, for adults and children alike. For activities in the museum of chocolate, it is required to book in advance.

If you want to know more about chocolate, I recommend you the chocolate route in Barcelona we did.

Opening times:

From Monday to Saturday 10 to 19h

Sundays and Public Holidays from 10 to 15h

The entrance is 6 € per person

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