Christmas markets are all around on this dates. From tourism with me we would like to share with you some information about several around the world:

Barcelona Christmas markets: Fira de Santa LLucia, most famous one in the city located in the center, very typical for trees, Christmas Decoration, and hand-made products as well. I had to mentioned as it is my home town and it is very famous, everybody that lives in Barcelona goes for a walk to see what's new this year, so I invite you to join!

Here you have below a photograph of a Caga tió (shit log) , it is a typical tradition from Catalonia, it is a log from a tree that we paint a face on it and it has a typical red catalan hat on called: barretina. When Christmas is aproaching, kids hit the shit log with a rolled newspaper and they sing a caga tió song while they do not stop hitting thelog. It is tyical to feed (fake it) the caga tió during all December so the night of 24th at the moment when all the kids will hit it will "shit" gifts... It is said that the more you feed him the more gifts you will get, so normally kids are in charge of placing a plate full of food for the caga tió for him to eat and then shit their gifts in the end.

Cologne, Germany: Cologne offers seven Christmas Markets in the city centre. We have chosen two to be mentioned. The Christmas Market at Cologne Cathedral where you can find diverse arts and crafts, unusual gift ideas and food and drinks. A rustic Christmas market “Home of the gnomes", according to the legend, this was the home of elves according to the famous Cologne legend, this was also the home of the elves who were said to be particularly good craftspeople.At this Christmas market you can hancraft stalls mainly.

London Christmas markets: Christmas market at Southbank, they offer original Christmas presents such as amber & silver jewellery, hand crafted toys, fragile glass ornaments for your Christmas tree, hand tatted laces, tin toys, candles...

Vancouver, Canada: Circle Craft Christmas market, the event features 250 artisans from all over the country that offer they creations to the public. You can find wood-turners, glassblowers, sculptors and potters to clothing and jewellery designers and toy-makers. Guests can watch the artists in actionwith daily demonstrations of their art.

If you know any other market that you would like to mention please feel free to comment on the post and share it with us.

For more information visit Christmas Markets. It is a good page that has a wide variety of Christmas markets organized by countries.