Going around Eixample I found a cool little cocktail bar called Agua del Carmen where you can find the most international classic cocktails to new innovations typical from the place. Agua del Carmen is a medicine that used to be given to our parents when they had a headache or teeth pain and now we can find it in a cocktail.

The cocktail bar is cosy and well designed by Pepa Poch, it reminds us of the classic cocktail bars but with this modern touch that makes it trendy for our time. Walls decorated with sentences and fresh flowers are part of the cocktail bar giving it a new air with its own style.They have an extense menu of gin tonics with more than 40 gyns and 12 different tonics, you can find rare ones such a pink peper tonic for example.

It is possibly one of the only cocktail bars in the area, and this makes it even more special. We ordered a strawberry daiquiri and a gin tonic of its extense menu that went along with the pink pepper tonic. 

The cocktails were delicious, and you can tell the barman knows what he is doing and he recommended us what gin was the best for the tonic of our choice.The counter is full of species, fruits and different alcohols that allow the barman to do their mixes.