Coco Bodu Hithi is located in the North Male Atoll, 1 hour by speedboat from Malé airport. The resort has 100 villas, from the island villas with your island garden to the Water villas, Escape rooms and luxurious Coco residences.

One of the first things that I liked about Coco is that you immediately feel in paradise as the sand is very thin and the water turquoise of course as everywhere in the Maldives but I find it very quiet here giving you a swimming pool feeling every day you step into the sea.

We stayed in room 324, the area where we were is the island's best beach as there is no artificial barrier and there is plenty of sand, all islands in Maldives suffer from erosion so there are parts of the island that have less sand and need to have barriers built so the water doesn't take out all the sand.

Coco Palm Rooms

Our first impression when we arrived at our island Villa was a Wow Factor! They took us from reception to our villa in a golf car and our luggage was already there, you walk up the stairs of the villa and there is a large earthenware jar with water so you can clean uo your feet from sand before you make it inside the villa.


Island Villa

The first thing you see once you step into the room is a giant round bathtub in the middle of the room that invites you in. At your right, you have a living room with a semi circle sofa and a TV and a welcome complimentary cava and fruits to feel at home.

At your left, right behind the bathtub, you have the indoor shower and the bathroom has two sinks in the open space behind the bathtub with its mirrors and a makeup mirror too.

On the other side of the room opposite to the living room that opens up to the beach, is the private swimming pool, with a comfortable sofa and an outdoor shower, there is also a little deck with two comfortable hammock kind of sofas.


The swimming pool has a beautiful design, but since the island villas are surrounded by vegetation there is no direct sun into the pool. For us this was definetely an advantage, as being all day out exposed to the sun, you want some shadow in the pool. The fact that the sun does not come in directly to the pool makes the water temperature cooler than the sea or the main pool in the reception area.

The bed is amazing, we had very deep sleep nights, and since I always try to conquer bed space, the bed was big enough for me and my husband so I didnt event touch him at all at night.

I am in love with coco amenities, the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion are all made from green tea and have an incredible smell as well as leave smooth hair and skin. Taking into account that if you go often to the beach and snorkel as we do, you will be showering between 2 to 3 times a day so the products used for your skin and hair are of the vital importance. You have coco slippers and coco flip-flops that are for guests to keep, that is always a nice touch!

Water Villas and Coco Residences

If you want to have a Villa facing the sea, the water villas are the room to choose for you! All Water villas have its own pool right above the sea with stairs to come down to the sea directly too. The water villas are in the middle of the sea and are connected with the island through the jetty, there are different room categories over water: water villa,escape water villas and the most luxurious room category the Coco residences.

The amenities are different in the upper categories, the Coco Residences have aqua the parma amenities and the furniture and design vary a bit. All the rooms share this sophisticated design and luxury bathtubs of different sizes and shapes, and they share as well the harmony between raw local materials and a luxury experience with amenities, services and design details in the rooms.

Restaurants in Coco Bodu

At Coco Bodu Hithi, with no doubt is the resort I have enjoyed food to the fullest in all of their restaurants and dining options. They have seven different restaurants and bars, with choices of indoor and outdoor locations. Let's go around their dining options and the dishes we tried at each of the restaurants, get ready for a culinary experience! In Maldives in general though, not only in Coco Bodu, à la carte restaurants take a lot longer to serve than what we are used to at home, so plan to be having dinner or lunch for at leat 2 hours, if you are in a hurry be aware that might be a good option to go to a buffet restaurant or a quick snack.

Wine Collection

The wine collection restaurant has sophisticated wines from all around the world, we had lunch the first day with a spicy papaya salad with sea food and a delicious red thai curry and fresh fruit. I enjoyed the flavours and the spicy papaya salad brought me back to Thailand and the curry, softened for Western palates was very well made with some white rice and prawn crackers. My dessert options are often not very varied as due to the lactose intolerance most of the pastries or cakes made are not suitable for me, so I had a fresh fruit platter that was delicious.



Is the snak-cocktail bar located by the infinity pool, is ideal for those days that you are not as hungry to have a full meal with starter and main and there are more informal choices such as sandwiches, pizzas and liitle appetizers.

We had nachos with guacamole, an apple salad, a delicious tuna sandwich and a chicken mexican wrap. There are different kinds of salads, and they serve a wide variety of beverages. My favorite mocktal is the banana coco, a delicious non alcohlic smoothie with coconut milk and banana.


Stars restaurant is located by the water villas area, they have contemporary cuisine and fresh seasonal products to offer. We had breakfast at Stars once, they have à la carte menu for breakfast and you can built up the perfect plate for you that will come straight from the kitchen. They offer, fresh juices, cereals, pastries, eggs cooked with bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes etc... 

We had dinner at Stars as well, and I had a betroot cold soup that was very tasty with some seafood in it, and as a main grilled lobster with mash potato and some vegetables with salad as side dish. The lobster was very fresh and tasty and the plate included 1.5 lobsters actually, so there was plenty of food for me, I didnt leave anything in the plate but the quantitiy of food in the main dishes was geneorous.


Located on the first floor of Latitude, our expert chefs use traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques to prepare a range of dishes including sushi, sashimi and maki mono rolls. Open for lunch and dinner, it is a delicious and authentic experience.



Once a week, there is a seafood and meat barbacue offering delicious appetizers such as ceviche, tuna salads, sushi and delectable desserts all unders the stars in the beach. Unfortunately, on the day of the BBQ it started raining so they had to move the location with the same setup and food but indoors into the Aqua restaurant. The food was delicious, I enjoyed a grilled lobster, some salad and I had to try the sushi too. The chef was kind enough to do for me some flambé fruits with no butter, only sugar and Malibú. He even had to go get a new pan so it had no butter in it and they were very tasty, these are the details I value the most, that they care about you.


Aqua is the restaurant over the water and its opened on the sides, so you can enjoy the sea breeze. It has a very romantic setting and they have Asia inspired dishes including fresh seafood and the usage of local ingredients. I had a chicken Thai soup made with coconut that was delicious followed by a Thai Red Curry with white rice, what I liked is that the curry was non spicy but they bring you aside the spicy sauce so you can decide how much spicy do you want your curry.



Air restaurant is the one located in front of the infinity pool where the buffet breakfast is served everyday as well as lunch à la carte and buffet dinner that changes the theme every day.

We have been in Air every day for breakfast, there are plenty of choices to choose from, there is an egg station to order teh eggs of your choice, I am an eggs benedict fan and I was a bit disppointed that they dont to them from scratch for you but they are in the breakfast buffet. Some days they were more hard boiled eggs than truly poché, and other days they were wel made.

There are options for everyone, full dishes such as soups, rice, curry and salads. As well as salmon sandwitched, cured meats and some cheeses. There is a big variety of pastries and jams and there is a juice station where they make fresh orange juice and there are some juice jars to choose from.

We went to Air for lunch too and I had a greek salad, it was a pitty that had mainly peppers instead of mainly cucumbers as the true Greeks do, but the salad was tasty and made with quality ingredients. As a main I had yellow fin tuna grilled with some salad on the side, I enjoyed very much every time we ordered tuna as here has a totally different flavour than the one we get at home, is fresh and very tasty.


The Spa at Coco Body is famous due to the awards that has won, it has been awarded the Best Luxury Destination Spa in Maldives at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2014. We enjoyed a 50 minute Balinese massage at the spa in a rainy day, what is best to spend the afternoon in the spa when the weather is not at its best. We arrived and they welcomed us with a cold tea and a hot towel, and we went into our spa room.

The therapist was very gentle and soft and took care of me, I had a bruise in my foot and I adviced her of that and she skipped the bruise to not hurt me on the process. After the massage they give you a very strong ginger tea, I loved it!

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