The Col·legi de les Terasianes is a school of the order of Sanit Teresa of Jesus designed by Gaudí, it is an isolated and sober building that has the look of a fortress.

In 1887, a community of nuns of the order of Saint Teresa of Jesus decided to build a school in the town of Sant Gervasi de Cassoles, at that time it was a village in the north of Barcelona but nowadays is a neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Another architect started the building and established the floor plan when Gaudí took over the project. He altered the structure and as always left his own imprint in the building. Unlike with other projects, Gaudí had to work with a very limited budget what explains the use of austere materials, but this tight budget was not a problem for the genius and he managed to have two large skylights and parabolic arches that allow natural light insight.

There is religious symbology all over the building, it is a characteristic of Gaudí's buildings and in this occasion even more as it was a school for a religious order. 

The school offers primary and secondary cycles of education until "batxillerat". On its origins it was a girl's school but at the end of XX century it became a mixed school.

Although you can see Gaudí's style since he had a tight budget there are some materials that are very typical from his architecture that could not be used due to the budget. Following the direction of austerity what he did was to create decorative elements with bricks, the material used, placing them in one way or another to give it the look of a decorative element.

At the façade, he included forged iron, one of his favorite materials, he included as well his four arms cross and the shield corresponding tot he Teresian order.

There is a famous corridor inside of the school due to the parabolic archs that it has, elegant lines in the archs but they are not only decorative but they also have the function to sustain the ceiling.

Col·legi de les Teresianes

You can get to Teresianes school by metro taking the L6 line and getting off at Les Tres Torres and then walk some streets until you get to Ganduxer.