The Columbus Monument is a 60 metres tall tower with a Columbus statue on top that is located at the lower end of Las Ramblas. The monument was built for the Universal Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1888 and the purpose was to honor the first voyage of Columbus to the American continent.

The monument reminds us that Christopher Columbus reported directly to Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand V in Barcelona actually it is said that he went to Plaça del  Rei to report on his first trip to the new continent.

The funny thing about the statue, is that it is supposed to point to America -or at least it would make sense-, the new world he discovered but he actually points in the opposite direction, some say that points east as is where it was his home city: Genova but some others says it is not true and that he points somewhere in Algeria. Who knows where Columbus points at, but what is certain is that is not America for sure.

On the base of the column/tower, there are different sculptures that are related with the discovery of America and there are also 8 iron lions that everyone wants to take a picture of themselves on top of the lion.

There is an elevator in the tower that takes visitors up to a viewing platform on the top of the monument that allows privileged views of Las Ramblas. Do not expect though to have a full view of Barcelona as it is only 60 metres high. The space on the top of the platform is not very big so most likely you would take some pictures and come down as if it is crowded is not the most comfortable viewpoint. The price per person is 4 euros to go up to the viewpoint.