You know I love tea and cakes...who doesn't? Ohh...come on, I know you do. When your working day finished and you need a break with chat wit your girlfriends you want a nice atmosphere with some pleasure. Barcelona is full of cool cafeterias to spend you coffee breaks, chatting in the afternoons or just having your little time own your own tasting an amazing cake. Here are my favorites, when you try them out you will come to ask for more:

We pudding

Oh my, what a cake in We pudding! I had a delicious carrot cake and a tea, the design is amazing, you are in Alice in Wonderland surrounded by giant mushrooms and the woods decoration. The price is 6, 50 euro for a quite large piece of cake -you could share it- and a tea. Not the cheapest place on earth but I think is worth it. My advice is to go on weekdays, as at the weekends there are children running around, due to the decoration and all they do have birthday parties for children and it can get a bit crowded and loud. Weekdays is just the perfect spot!



This is my favorite place for breakfast, it is right at the corner of my office so if you go to Sandwichezyou might find me there. I love everything they do, incredible sandwiches, my favourite 4 cheeses but they have many more. I love the cereal muffin, quite big you can share it but it tastes amazing and with a tea is the perfect match.

They also have fresh fruit juices, carrot, apple and orange or a mix. Now they have new frappé smoothies, I tried the other day the yogurt one and I loved it, great choice for summer time! The croissants are amazing as well, chocolate and the classic one, buttery and delicious!

Usagui Té Japonés & Café

Oh yes, this is one of this places that you need to book a slot in your agenda, take your time to sit down and enjoy the tea time. It is a japanese cafeteria in Sant Gervasi, amazing little cakes. My favorite green tea tart and there is an amazing strawberry and chocolate mousse. My favorite teas are: the green tea (is a superior green tea I forgot the name...totally green as a letuce, great flavour) and also an apple and cinnamon tea with pieces of apple in it.


Cup and cake

I love this place, great cakes, my favorite the carrot cake with cream cheese but also great cupcakes, every day different flavors. Oreo cupcakes, red velvet, nutella, yogurt etc... They have teas as well and if you don't have a sweet miuth they also offer different kinds of sandwiches.


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noel commented about 7 years

The food is amazing in Barcelona and one of my favorites is the market at La Boqueria, lots to see, sample and take some great photos.

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