If you are not from Catalonia you might not be aware that every year Estrella Damm does a summer add on TV that is being expected since the first one of its kind in 2009. They started with quotidian scenes that represent Mediterranean life where Estrella Damm beer was present, showing amazing landscapes and also famous musical bands and famous people along.

This year 2015 could not be different so we were all waiting for the spot of the year. One of the things I like the most is that these spots are so inviting to visit Catalonia and Costa Brava, absolutely incredible places.

Take a tour with me around Estrella Damm spots through Catalonia landscapes:

2010: Cadaqués

In 2010, Estrella Damm wanted to locate Applejack videoclip by the australian group The Triangles, in the typical Sant Joan's eve festivity in Cadaqués, Catalonia. D'es Poal beach at Cadaqués is the star of the spot filmed in this area.

Costa Brava is one of the regions that represent better the values and mediterranean culture and also Cadaqués is a key part of the area. It also appears Menorca, located in the Balearic Islands.

2011: L'Empordà and El Bulli

In 2011, the spot was filmed in l'Empordà, Costa Brava and the theme goes around learning, a guy who starts working atThe Bulli restaurant located in Roses, Costa Brava used to be the best restaurant in the World by Ferran Adrià. What an amazing area, full of great beaches and little bays, how a group of friends grow and explore the area. The song that appears in the add was I wish that I could see you soon by Herman Düne, and the spot was directed by Isabel Coixet, a very famous catalan film director.

2012: Damm Lemon spot in L'Escala, Costa Brava at Hostal Empúries

I can say that typical sentence, I was there. I wasn't there at the time they were recording it but the spot was filmed in Portítxol beach at Hostal Spa Empúries, this is their terrace overlooking the seaside. I had an amazing experience staying with them, great food and amazing area, I shall come back very soon. I totally recommend it.

2013: Cesc Fabregas from FC Barcelona -winter add-

In this winter add in 2013 it is not about the landscape, the slogan of the add is: " Is not about what but how", very clever sentence and it totally drives the message during the add. A famous Japanese chef, Hideki Matsuhisa in a fishermen 'boat, fishing prawns and doing nigiri prawns onboard. Little pleasures of life, and of course along with a Estrella Damm.

2013: Love of Lesbian in a masia in Cervià de Ter and Begur -summer add-

The summer spot in 2013 had Love of Lesbian and their song "Fantastic Shine". An afternoon full of smiles, paella, beer, friends and good music. The chosen scenario is a local countryside house, called "masia" in Catalan.

The house where it has been filmed is a private house, I was looking forward to spent a weekend there but unfortunately is not a rural house available. There are also scenes on the seaside, one of this scenes was filmed in Begur in the Baix Empordà area.

I cannot skip the polemic about the paella seen in the video, as you have learned in my 8 things tourists shoudn't do in Barcelona, no frozen paellas. The one in the video was not frozen but had weird stuff to be called a paella: onion, pepper, squid, and sausage. Not at all paella's ingredients, so not paella more like rice with stuff.

2014: Train your soul: Theatre and arts in Catalonia -winter spot-

The slogan of the campaign is: we support culture and shows because is part of our way of living". Estrella Damm spots always go around the Mediterranean way of life in all their aspects: food, culture, entertainment, what is important for us.

This time, they have choosen culture that has been very damaged lately due to the increase of culture taxes to reach a 21% tax.

2014: The Vaccines in Tossa de Mar -summer-

In 2014 the summer add has The Vaccines playing the song If you wanna. This spot was recorded in Tossa de Mar, Girona in a little beach decorated for the occasion. It is a friends party and with little budget, lights and good humour they turn it into an amazing party.

Artists from different disciplines appear in the add: Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada that are graffiti artists, Yani Alonso that is an sculptor and painter, the illustrators Amaia Arrazol and Joan Tarragó etc...

This year is all about culture, arts and promoting that this is part of the Mediterranean way of life.

2015: Estrella Damn spot with Dakota Johnson and Quim Gutierrez directed by Alejandro Amenábar

This time, not in Catalonia but always with a common component, the Mediterranean sea. The 2015 spot was filmed in Ibiza, a story about Rachel a newly arrived foreigner to the island. The cast is a privilege, with Dakota Johnson famous from 50 shades of grey, Quim Gutierrez a catalan actor awarded with a Goya for azulcasioscurocasinegro film and Natalia Tena famous for her role as Osha in Game of Thrones.

I don't want to tell you the story but instead of 50 shades of grey is more likely 50 shades of beer! The music also plays big part of the story as any other summer spot from Estrella Damm, the song for 2015 is Our place by Maïa Vidal, very summer kind of song and sweet, perfect for the story of this year!

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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