Have you ever eaten in the dark? When I say in the dark I mean with no light at all, absolutely no chance to see a thing. Possibly not, unless you have stopped paying your electricity bills at some point. Dans le noir, is a restaurant in Barcelona with a different concept, they offer you lunch and dinner in the dark and you are being served by blind waiters and waitresses.

Blind people are the only ones who can see in the dark, they live in darkness so they know their way around without needing any light. That is why they are the perfect guides in this experience, they serve your meals and joke about what they are seeing.

Your waiters and waitresses are blind, they guide you in the dark and serve your meal, and help you all the way through this experience. It is amazing how you lose track of everything, time is something you don't control since you can't see a watch, the only senses that work for you are your taste, nose and touch but you are not used to be blind for a long time. Our waitress Estela she was so fun and taking care of us all the time.

You might think it is a strange way of enjoying a dinner, but I can assure you that it is an incredible sensorial and social experience. Sometimes you don't realise how important is something until you don't have it, and in that dinner you can feel what it is to be blind just for a little while as dinner time but it touches you and you get conscious.

Dessert trilogy

Dessert trilogy

Your most appreciate sense is sight and in there is not helping you at all, so you are a blind in a dark room and your blind waitress is your eyes during the meal.

It is amazing when you cannot see things nothing is what you thought, trying wines and being sure that it is white, and in the end it is an amazing red. Or the same with food, you have eaten something and thought it was good and when you see it, OMG you would have never tasted if you knew.

You tend to speak more and discuss about what is in the plate with others and laugh about the situation together. You don't know what you will eat before getting into the dark, plates are trilogies that force you to think about the taste of things, it would be very boring to have only on big plate of pasta, let's say.

There are no private tables where you will enjoy dinner with your beloved one only but they are shared tables and that makes it even a better experience. We had a great time, we didn't even realize that we had been in the dark for almost 2 hours.

We are very influenced by our eyes, and when the eyes are not there for you to help you out, your perception of the world around changes. In the dark, you raise your voice, mingle more with people, as the experience is in group in a big table with some of the participants on the experience.

I needed so much to touch my partners hand as I felt so insecure myself, it is incredible how you need a point of contact or something known, the touch of a hand in the dark to feel comfortable again.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people, lucky us we were only 30 when we went, and it was pretty loud, as everyone was raising the voice.

Prices start at 12 euros for wine tasting and from 38 euros per person for a full dinner without beverages included.

Disclaimer: The experience has been offered by Dans le noir. As you always know, no one can't buy love so this is my honest opinion on the services offered.