The design museum in Barcelona, is an independent museum dedicated to the decorative arts, ceramic, and textile as well as graphic arts. The Museum is located in the Design Hub Building in Plaça les Glòries and brings together under one roof, the collections of The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona brings together, under one roof, the collections of the Museu de les Arts Decoratives, the Museu de Ceràmica, the Museu Tèxtil i d'Indumentària and the Gabinet de les Arts Gràfiques.

The  building designed by MBM architects was inaugurated in 2014 and has an area of 29.351 m2 and has two parts, a subterranean and the visible part of the buildings. The centre is a network of people and institutions related to the design world. The objective of the centre is to investigate the economic activity related to the world of design.

The building comprises two parts: an underground section that is possible by the change in level caused by the redevelopment of the square. There is a block at the street level that houses the venues for long- and short-term temporary exhibitions, as well as a hall for events and a large auditorium. 

Most of the building's floor space is located below this level and houses key areas such as the main exhibition gallery, the documentation centre, research rooms, the bar and restaurant and the shop. 

Barcelona is a city that has been always tied to design, there have been many institutions related to Arts and Design in the city. The City hall decided to create a unique centre that would include different aspects of the design, and this is the Design Museum.

Permanents exhibitions: General admission € 6

Temporary exhibition: General admission € 4.40

Combined admission permanet exhibitions and temporary exhibition: General admission € 8