Terres de l'Ebre is an amazing place, full of rice fields, farmers and agriculture all around but one of the main things in the area in the Ebre river that gives live to the place.

There are a lot of options to visit and go around the Ebre river, there are ferries where you can get in with your own car, private excursions, hourly boats that go up and down the river etc...

There is another option that we did not know about until this last time we went, you can drive your own boat. Green adventures rents boats by the hour and you can go on your own to discover river Ebre.

Roger was driving, after few instructions from the company on how to drive it, stop and what to do in case of an emergency we were good to go.

Honestly, I normally get quite sick in boats, in water transports in general so I was not very keen to try it but I forced myself as it was a different experience. I was surprised that I did not get sick, I was on one side of the boat and Roger in the other to keep the boat afloat.

Roger the captain

Roger the captain

The feeling is amazing, driving your own boat and heading wherever you want to go through the river looking at your own pace the landscape and getting used to the river movements.

It was not difficult to drive and very pleasant, so definitely something I want to try out again in the future. Although boats are not my thing I have to say that I enjoyed and I would go for it again with no doubt.

The boats are very near the restaurant were we had an amazing lunch, Casa Nuri, check out our bike tour and the lunch as well.

The boat has been courtesy of Green Adventures, I would have thought that driving your own boat would be expensive but my surprise was that an hour with the boat is 24 euros.

Disclaimer: This experience was possible thanks to Diputació de Tarragona, part of the agenda of the Travel Bloggers Meeting who offered a custom experience to us with the help of the companies involved in the services mentioned in the post. As always the is my honest opinion of the services offered.