In 2014 there was he boom of food truck festivals in Barcelona and Eat street is one of them. Eat Street is a gastronomic initiative that is not directly related to food trucks but to street food in particular regardless of what is your vehicle or stand to cook your gastronomic offer in the festival.

What I like the most about eat street is that their first thought is that there is no need to overcomplicate things, they look for simplicity but good quality. Eat on the street doesn't have to be a synonym of cheap and bad, it can be affordable and good quality. This is the objective of Eat Street, the chefs bring 2 dishes each, not quantity but quality, there is no need of endless menus but what you do, do it so it rocks!

Dishes are around 5 euros each, something that is somehow special as now it seems that food truck festivals have become so trendy that is more expensive to eat street food than actually going to a restaurant.

Every edition there are new chefs and new dishes, if you are a repeater you won't get bored, some of my favorites are:

  • Tropico: they have a brunch restaurant in Barcelona, a tropical brunch, healthy and tasty at the same time
  • Fish and chips shop: they also have a restaurant in Barcelona focused on this traditional English dish, the fish and chips, so crunchy.
Free Entrance
The event is hosted once a month. Check in their web for dates in Eat street