The story of El Molino -The catalan Moulin Rouge- starts in 1898 when a bar called La Pajarera Catalana opens up a "tablao" -stage for flamenco-. Three years pass and the little tablao already offers a weekly offer of music and a transfer service from the bar to the tablao.

There are owner changes and in 1908 La Pajarera is called Petit Palais, and the place is redesigned to attract the Paris cavaret shows done the Spanish way. It is when the music hall started and in Barcelona the Paral•lel area is the centre of this kind of shows.

In 1910 they rebuilt the building that was originally made of wood and they redesign the theatre with the red mill blades and a new name, called Petit Moulin Rouge to follow the steps of the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. On the Spanish Civil war any french name had to be changed since it belonged to the French Revolution, so here is the last name change and it remained until nowadays as: El Molino.

From the 40s starts the big time in el Molino with its star Bella Dorita, and the mill blades will of El Molino will guide the show business of cabaret in the coming years with artitsts such as Lander y Leanna, Mary Mistral, Johson, Escamilla, La Maña and Merche Mar.

In 1997 the Molino closed in Barcelona, and after a decade it starts his reconstruction, in 2010 opens its doors again becoming a place to enjoy cabaret and dance and music shows in Barcelona.

The show at el Molino: Cabaret experience

Cabaret experience at El Molino

Cabaret experience at El Molino

The Molino offers his show Cabaret Experience, it is a mix of dance, music and beautiful people. There is a bit of everything: burlesque, acrobatics and dance.

Three ladies and four men in the show combining dance numbers, singing songs and acrobatics. One of my favorites was Marcos Tajadura, he is an incredible trapezist and he is the acrobatics left the public with no words.

The ladies do most of the show dancing and getting into a comedy theme in some of the songs, which gives it a funny touch. In my opinion, I would have expected more a cabaret or music hall kind of show, but instead is a mix of different disciplines, we had fun and spent a nice time for a Friday night.

The host of the show is Merche Mar, a famous vedette of the 70s in El Molino, she is very funny and a true artist, although she is around her 60s, she is into shape and talks about her Molino children: the artists who perform the cabaret experience show.

El Molino

Cabaret experience for two: 50 euros 2 entrances + cava bottle

Tip: seats are first come first served, get there 30 minutes prior to the show to choose your seat and you will also experience the pre show atmosphere.