Els Encants vells or Fira de Bellcaire, is the flea market in Barcelona of all times, with more than 7 centuries of existence is one of the oldest in Europe, it started in the thirteenth century. The market was located in different areas in the city, and Encants was originally located in the city center in Plaça Sant Jaume in 1200.

They were two separate markets: Bellcaire and Encants Vells, at the end of XIX century they were unified, Encants that started on XIII century and Bellcaire that was born in XIX century.

Now you can find almost anything but at the beginning there were mainly booksellers, rag and bone men and scrap merchants. The origin of selling in Encants comes from the tradition of auctioning the goods of the dead to obtain money to pay the debt and give the rest to the widow.

The market was for 80 years located in Plaça Las Glòries until 2013 and it was moved to a new location near the National Theatre. Now the new location is a a 33.306m2 in Eixample and it is covered, helping the stalls to keep on business even if it rains. It includes apart from the stalls and shops, there are restrooms, office, a car park and restaurants.

Encants vells market nowadays

At Encants

At Encants

There are over 500 professionals in Encants that offer new and old products that cannot be found in other commercial channels.

This flea market is famous for its good auctions that start in the early morning, from 7am to 9am and getting the interest of buyers. The aUction is the perfect moment to take advantage and find treasures, the sets that are sold come from houses that have been emptied or shops that had to close their doors.

It is the only market in Europe that keeps this selling method, an auction of products to sell that gathers second-hand products that can be reused. There is a wide range of products: old and used furniture, vintage clothing and also new clothes, books, music, machinery and appliances, antiques, decor, home etc...

Encants vells has recently changed his location and in my opinion is much more stylish and accessible. We went to go for a walk and I loved it. My favorite shops are of wood furniture vintage style, I am in love of this things!

In the upper floor there is a food court, so it is a good opportunity to go find bargains and then sit down and have a snack in the same place.

I totally recommend it and the prices are quite good, you can practice your bargaining skills and you might get a better deal!

Els encants vells

The market is opened every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am to 20:00 pm
Public Auction: from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.