We love Costa Brava and Empordà is an area we certainly look for excuses to come back to. We spent a day in Empúries before seeing Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro playing live from the Roman Forum in Empúries at night.

The Romans, were very clever to settle one of their important cities in Empúries or Emporiae as they called it, it is a magic and beautiful place. Empúries belongs to l'Escala area, right in front of the sea and it is qualified by UNESCO.

Roman ruins in Empuries

Ruins of Empúries by Pepe Manteca

Ruins of Empúries by Pepe Manteca

Empúries is the only archaeological site in the Iberian Peninsula where remains a place where the Greek, with the remains of a Roman city founded in the early 1st century BC the city of Emporion.

The ruins are located 2km far from L'escala and 500m from Sant Martí d'Empúries. There is a coastal path from where you can access and walk along the sea until Platja del Portitxol. If you want to stop for a snack -get L'Escala anchovies are typical from the area- or a drink, I loved the Hostal Spa Empúries.

It is a very privileged place since Greek and Roman remains live together, the roman Emporiae with the Emporion greek city. If you are interested in the architecture of that time, is the perfect place to see the evolution of urban constructions in the Mediterranean. If you are not into ruins, I would recommend to visit it, since the place where it is located is just as incredible as the ruins.

In the visit of the ruins, you can walk on greek and roman streets, see their mosaics that decorated their houses and even make a wish to the Good Esculapi, who looked after the citizens. In the ruins, objects were found of the life in Empuries in ancient times, and those are exposed in the museum.

Concerts in Empuries: Motis and Chamorro Big band

Motis and Chamorro Big Band

Motis and Chamorro Big Band

Concerts in Empuries started in 2014, in the Roman Forum it is an incredible cultural place in a natural setting. A place with a long tradition of live music concerts. Temproductions and the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia in Empúries have been organizing two years in a row with names such as Love of Lesbian Blaumut, Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro.

We wanted to see a concert in this privileged location and we went to the Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro concert, they are one of the known names in the Catalan jazz. Andrea is a young woman of 20 years old that started in jazz when she was only 14, and her voice with a very strong personality gives light to everything she sings. She is not only the vocalist of the group but also plays the saxophone and the trumpet.

They started playing only the two of them but lately have added Josep Traver with the guitar, Ignasi Terraza playing the piano and Esteve Pi on the drum set, calling themselves Motis Chamorro Big Band.

How to get to Empúries

Best and easier is to get there on your own transport, either by car or motorbike. The car park is for free in the ruins.

Address: C/ Puig i Cadafalch s/n 17130 Empúries-l'Escala

SarfaBuses take you to l'Escala, and it is a 2km walk from there to the ruins.

Forum Romà d'Empúries: the concert entrance was 18 euros per person

Visit Empúries ruins: entrance fee is 5 euros per person

Dislaimer: we have been invited byCostabravagironafestivals. As always the opinion is my own. The picture illustrating the top of the post is from Pepe Manteca too.