I have been in Bahia 15 days already living in Malhadas, a little town 8km far from Praia do Forte. We are lucky to have family living there so we stayed with them during this time. Staying with locals is always an advantage, they know all the tricks, places to go and also where not to go and what needs to be avoided.

This was my home during this time, I could totally get used to it. We had these beautiful hamacas to have a siesta after lunch and this amazing view. What else can we ask for? Mosquitos is the not funny part of the experiences but it is totally worth it, I am a feast for them, since Thailand I have my own ways: how to avoid mosquito bites.


There are more churches than people on the street, all religions cohexist here, there are leaflets everywhere to join a congregation. Talking with our family they explained that religion is very important in Brazil and you can here pastors in the street talkins, people trying to convince you in the bus to join their church etc…

They explained us that 10% of people's salaries are given to the pastor of the church and seeing the salaries and the prices of things, 10% is a big effort for the families but they are eager to do it for the church.

Rhythm and life in Bahia

The first thing I noticed is the rhythm, everything goes much slower in Bahia: the bus, the waiter coming with your bill or food, stress free atmosphere which is a good thing if you are there on holidays as there is no hurry. I think living there is another thing, not sure I could have that way of life but during my holidays is just what I needed: Bahian way of life.

Everything starts earliner in Bahia, we get up around 6am in the morning, when the sun rises illuminates all the house, and we go to sleep around 9pm. A different way of going through the day, early start and early finish.


People is the best of Brazil, they are very open and talkative. We are travelling with public buses and locals were talking to us. They are very friendly and happy to help so do not hesitate to ask if needed. If you ask for directions, they answer gently. They are very lively people, loud a bit like Spaniards, so I am used to it.


I was surprised by the little veggies found in Bahia, they have a very limited variety of veggies: onion, tomato, pepper, lettuce and col and little more. Their main cuisine is fish with their moquecas and fish and also meat –picahna and carne do sol-.

I loved fried fish on the beach and also the moquecas, the best one we ate at home with locals. They have lots of tropical fruits that are not easy to find in Spain: the cajú fruit, goiaba, manga, papaia, açaí etc…

Peixe frito: fried vermelho fish

Peixe frito: fried vermelho fish