New York New York, is one of these cities that almost everyone wants to visit it. I have always wanted to go, I have seen it many times, too many tv shows, soap operas and movies to remind you that you need to see it for yourself.

The truth is I was disappointed, and everyone ask me why, so...I think first of all NYC disappointed me as I had very high expectations and I had already seen 70% of all tourist attractions one way or another so nothing really shocked me and I was not in love of something in particular either.

Let me explain you further my impressions...

Feeling: I have already seen this movie

I was there and it was like I had been there before as if I travelled every other weekend to New York city, everything is familiar. When I went to Paris I knew exactly how the Tower Eiffel looked like but not the whole city of Paris. The problem of NYC is that you have seen a lot already: how the taxis are, the police, the scholar buses, the underground, the coffee shops, the nail saloons, the food, the monuments: status of liberty, top of the rock, central park, battery park, bronx etc... The only thing you didn't know was the control checks at the airport really...It doesn't leave much space for imagination as you already know most of the stuff prior to your travel.

I liked NYC but I was disappointed, I think I smelled a bit of what is unique about NYC and it is not what they have but the things that happened there. The things they have meaning the monuments, and what can happen in NYC is the possibilities, imagination, activities, way of life etc...

We saw a lady dancing in a shop window, a lady from the upper east side having lunch in their emergency stairway, a spa for dogs and poshy ladies from the uppereast side that had had more surgery than Cher...

This is what NYC has to offer I believe, that anything is possible and there is no limit for imagination. In Barcelona we are more moderate and I can see the difference in everything: food, shops, marketing strategies etc...

Dogs Spa and Hotel

Dogs Spa and Hotel

Food: Everything needs to be greasy and meat?

Coming from Barcelona, mediterranean food, used to eat fruit and veggies daily I was so surprised with restaurant menus. Almost no fish, all meat and even salads have thousand calories when having bacon, dressings etc...

It might have been bad luck, but in 10 days I spent in NYC I was looking for organic food and veggies places like crazy. There were some and the trend of this products is growing but it is not very popular in restaurant menus or if it is, it is gold price.

I was amazed on some products they have such as coloured or vitamin water that actually has no vitamin at all but only added calories. Guys, if you want vitamins get an orange! I love food, I do, but not junk food I want to enjoy flavour and quality of foods but not dressings and sauces and greasy foods to the limit.

I even had a bad stomach during a couple of days and I had to stop eating meat products for the rest of the trip as my stomach cannot handle this kind of food.

I mean no offense, I am sure that some Mediterraneans found the same, it is the difference about the diets and what your body is used to have.

No WOW factor: been there done that

NYPD Police

NYPD Police

As I explained in my first point, I felt like I had to go to the statue of liberty, visit every single museum, eat every cupcake on earth and eat as many burgers as I could just to say: Hey guys, I have been there and done that.

I truly enjoyed other moments: lie down in Williamsburg in a bench and feel sun while looking at people walk by, going around Sex and the City and Friends scenes, having a real brunch with amazing eggs Benedict etc...

Next time I go I just want to look around and walk with no agenda, I think this is the best thing you can do to really know New York as a local.

People: incredibly helpful

I was amazed on how nice people were, at all times people stop to help us, the first days going around the underground was a total mess and everywhere we went people volunteered to guide us.

I thought NYC was plenty of busy men and women going faster than the wind with their Starbuck coffees and the chin down without looking in the eye. It turns out we were wrong and movies haven't done any good to create this image in our minds.

Surprises and disappointments: NBA match and Broadway show

I wanted to to see a Broadway show, I insisted so we finally went to see Chicago for around 75 dollars per person, 60 euros, I have never ever paid such amount of money for a show, so I expected a quality beyond the stars!!!

Chicago was good but it was a one time thing, pay 60 euros it was very painful. I love musicals and when I lived in London I went as often as I could but with discounted tickets I used to pay 20 euros which is a reasonable price.

What really surprised me was when we went to an NBA basketball match, I wouldnt have gone if I hadn't been with 3 boys who insisted until we bought the tickets and I don't regret it at all. If I come back to the States I would love to be back, the match is not about basketball at all but is all the show around: cheer leaders, atmosphere, the public shouting: defense, defense, marriage proposals, t-shirt shooting and eating hot dogs and giant pieces of cake.

So one fail for Broadway and thumbs up for the NBA match for only 28 dollars per person!!

NBA Basketball match

NBA Basketball match