People in Glasgow

I knew some things about Scotland, and I had my Scottish friend Helen as the representative of the country and I knew her 5 years ago so I had plenty of time to get an idea about Scotland and what Scottish people are about.

But here we go fully packed with winter clothes while is sunny in Spain snif snif... My first contact with Scotland is in the plane actually, there were no more seats available so we had to sit apart. I was seated next to a lovely Scottish couple and they were asking me why I was going to Scotland? I wonder myself why too...leaving 27ºC to 7ºC in the rain...

Anyway, we started talking, they were very nice, I was amazed about their friendliness, they helped me to put my luggage and we talked during all the flight. We arrived in Glasgow at night, quite cold but ok with my wool coat and we had a taxi waiting for us.

Once we were on the taxi, the taxi driver started talking with us about the weather, Spain, politics..Anything, we spoke about all the world in the 20 minute drive until Helen's house. He was very nice and welcoming, quite hard to understand the accent at first, pardon me but at night that time I am not the best listener.

I could notice that on the drive home Helen started to become more Glasvegian than ever, she spoke different, more scotish accent, so that was my welcome night in Scotland.

My overall impression is that people in Glasglow they are very nice, it might sound surprising that I found that amazing but seriously everywhere: shops, restaurants, taxi drivers, neighbours, people on the street...Absolutely everyone was lovely to me, I was impressed.

In every shop, shop attendants were eager to help, saying hello, welcoming you, showing you the products and all. One customer in a shop gave us a discount voucher as she was not going to use it, taxi drivers were very nice....I just can say: amazing people.

Scotish currency

Another thing that surprised me is the currency, I did not know that pounds in Scotland do not look like the ones in the UK. I lived in London so I expected the purple queen in the 20 pound notes but not at all... If you have not seen them before, check it out:

Scotish notes

Scotish notes

A straightener placed in public bathrooms

There is something that I noticed in the UK but in Scotland happens too, is that ladies are quite vain, dressed very smart but also in cold minter with mini dresses -OMG I would be dying in the cold-, and always looking perfect. Another example of that is that straightener placed in public bathrooms that runs with coins. Amazing, I haven't seen that anywhere but in Glasgow.

Hair Straightener in a public WC

Hair Straightener in a public WC

Onsie: discover it yourself...trendy outfit?

Onsie: that was a thing that freaked me out. When we went on Primark we could see those nice onsies to watch tv on and stay at home. All of them had designs such as superman, hulk, animals etc...But the funny thing is that people actually wear it in the street. We could see at least a bunch of people wearing them on Glasgow and Edinburgh. Is this trendy, now?

Spiderman wanzie

Spiderman wanzie

And this were my first impressions. Very soon all details about my long weekend in Glasgow. I can only say thanks to my hosts for this weekend that I lived like a local, and this is what I love the most. Feel places and be part of them, even for a short period of time is what makes you experience the places you visit.