What is home exchange? This is what I was wondering, I have heard friends that have tried to exchange their houses with strangers through a web or platform to look for this kind of Holiday exchange. For me, the nearest thing was the film Holiday where Kate Winslet and Cameron Díaz exchanged their houses. A tiny town near London with a cottage house exchanged for mansion in Los Angeles.

Of course, in real life it is a bit different, as more likely Cameron Diaz won't exchange the house with you. I heard so many good stories about it so I want it to try it out.

Where to go for home exchange?

I didn't know what webs I could go to home exchange. While on TBEX conference I met Knok, a platform to have your add and home exchange with others. You have a profile with your house, photos, what you accept, facilities etc...So there we were filling in our profile in Knok. At first is a bit boring as you have no info in there, so you have to be uploading all the pictures and writing a description and all the stuff.

The funny part is when you start exploring what is in there, where could you go, what houses are there etc...There are amazing houses, flats, bungalows, anything where you could live in around the world. It is perfect to save money, as you don't need to spend in accommodation and also you have all the facilities you have at home.

How to find a house to exchange?

This is Knok platform where you can publish your add with your house details. You can also publish your preferences in destination and dates so people interested in where you live can contact you. You have an inbox and they will contact you through there and viceversa.

Very easy platform so you will be able to contact and being contacted easily and get to know how it works in no time. What I liked is that they offer an insurance policy, you have to pay an annual fee to access the platform and so when doing an exchange you can sign an agreement with the other person of what the rules will be when doing the exchange.

If both parts sign the agreement online, the insurance policy will cover both parts at the time of the exchange if something happens. For a newbie like in this house exchange thing, this is a great start as it gives you the assurance that in case something happens you have a back up.



My house exchange

I started looking for a house exchange, we wanted to start for something near home as it was not as scary as exchanging with someone very far away from home. We found a family in Spain that wanted to exchange with us our flat in Barcelona for their house in Ayamonte, Huelva. We have agreed on that exchange for Easter holidays, we will go to Ayamonte and then they will come to Barcelona later on around summer.

We are exited as it is our first time home exchanging and we have never been in that area of Spain either, we are looking forward to it. The plan is to visit Ayamonte, Sevilla and jump to Portugal in Algarve as it is very near.

I will tell you all about it after the exchange. We hope everything goes as planned.