Fishing is the main economic activity along with tourism in the Maldives and the country is known as one of the "fishiest" countries in the world because of the variety and amount of marine life. Fishing is the second largest industry in Maldives and the main methods of fishing are pole and line for skipjack tuna. The main fishes caught and imported are skipjack tuna and yelllowfin tuna. Maldives export frozen fish, canned finesh, dried fish and salted dry fish.

During our stay Bayan Tree Vabbinfaru we did a night fishing activity. I have never been fishing before and truth to be told I am missing a basic ingredient for fishing: patience.

They gave us the fishing material with a piece of mackerel as bait and we went on a fishing boat to a good spot and stayed there for around 2 hours with the engines stopped as fish don't come nearby if they hear the noise.

We were 16 guests in the boat, each of us had its own fishing material, I was not very lucky as I didn't get any fish but since it was my first time I am pretty sure it has something to do with my non-existent skills on sea matters.

They did a briefing in the boat before we started to make sure everyone was aware of the security measures as when you want to pull the fish out from the water the wire they give you could cut your fingers, aha! If you don't do it properly, that is why the demonstrate the technique in front of the group.

If you love fishing there are plenty of fishing activities in the Maldives, night fishing and daylight fishing excursions in many different resorts. I think fishing is an activity that you need to like it deeply, though, as there are long waits until a fish takes the bait and you need to pull fast enough so the fish doesn't leave.

We managed to get some little fishes during our fishing trip, some red snappers, jack fishes, emperors etc...If you are into fishing the month of November is the highest season for fishing, if you are into fishing is the month to go!

fishing in maildives

Supermoon on 14th November 2016

It was a special night when we went fishing as we were lucky enough to see the supermoon, a phenomenon that happens once in a while when the moon is closer than normal to the Earth. 

The full moon we lived in 14th November it was not only the closest and brightest supermoon of the year but also the largest since 1948. The Moon won't come this close again until 25th November 2034 in November so it was a unique moment to live in the Maldives.

It was very impressive to be fishing and being lightened up by the moon, the pictures came out as if it was daylight as the camera took so much light in from the bright moon that pictures seemed to be done in the morning, Imagine!!

Bayan Tree offered their guests special activities taking into account this magnificent event. There were special fishing trips and boat trips to see the moon from the sea as well as guests could opt in for a candle private dinner in the beach to enjoy the full moon over a magnificent meal with your beloved one.