What caught my eye first is that Fitomims, a company who sells diy cosmetic packages uses only Mediterranean plants. Sometimes, we are so corrupted by the exotism of ingredients that come from other countries when we have plenty of local resources.

Since Fitomims is located in the Mediterranean in Catalonia wants their DIY cosmetic products to have this Mediterranean flavour in it, so they use Mediterranean plants in their recipes.

The whole DIY concept has been going around for some time now, and I believe it is the perfect way to value more your stuff, if you do it with your own hands the end result will be what you accomplished through your effort, dedication and will of making it right. A bought product will never make us feel proud as we are if we do something from ourselves, and if the quality of the product is better and we avoid chemicals, what else can we ask for?

Fitomims make it easy for us to create our own beauty products without the years of study in a fun, easy and safe way they sell DIY packages that are all ready for us to make our own facial cream, body lotion etc...

The package includes the instructions step by step, all ingredients needed except for water and other raw materials that are in your home, the bottle to put your end product in. The prices per package range from 20 to 25 euros.


The DIY course in Barcelona

I did not really know what to expect when leaving for Fitomims workshop given in Gracia in Barcelona; am I really going to learn how to make a facial cream? How do you even do this? Will I mix the ingredients? All these questions came to my mind…I ended up amazed and excited by this concept of natural cosmetic DIY!

Upon arrival in the cute neighborhood of Gracia, we were welcomed and introduced to the workshop: make your own facial cream with corn rose (Papaver rhoeas – now you are thinking, what is this? That cute little red plant that commonly grows in the fields and flourishes at the beginning of spring, that one!).

We each had our own material that we were going to work with that was gently prepared on the table; (so yes , we were each going to get our “hands dirty”!) Marta, the owner of Fitomims, started explaining about the cream we were going to make, and especially about the ingredients; water, plants, oils, and wax. So, there we learned a little about the Mediterranean plants we were going to use:

  • Corn rose mixes best with water, is antioxidant and refreshing– and so do most of the red plants

  • Calendula (Calendula Oficinalis) mixes better with oils and is a very common used medicinal plant, and known as the “quita-novios” (the husband stealer) – if a woman was to plant one in her garden she would not get married! (I actually planted a couple…let's see what happens…)

  • Borage (Borago officinalis), is a very hydrating plant and is not very commonly known, although it has loads of properties and is even eatable and apparently very good in salads or grilled! (…will have to try that!)

While explaining further on oils, Marta made sure the corn rose and the borage, were being infused as a tea in a cute little teapot and the calendula had previously already been infused in olive oil (infused oil generally takes about 40 days to be ready to use).

As the base for the cream, we got introduced to Hazelnut oil and the vegetal wax. Marta is very knowledgeable and has a very natural and calming way of explaining and sharing her knowledge.

That is how we learned that the different types of oils have different ways and speed of penetrating the skin, and thus, also, different uses; that olive oil has the same properties as your skin, and that the main purpose of a cream is to help your skin retain liquids and not the other way around (the oils hydrating your skin).


For making our own cream, we had to choose which recipe to make in order to match our skin type, which was a very thoughtful touch of the workshop. And there we go, heating, mixing oils, adding tea, adding fragrance –essential oils, and mixing and mixing a little more, till the texture is right. It felt like cooking!

The experience of making your own cosmetic product is surprisingly very enriching and educational, I actually would recommend it to everyone. It opens new horizons, gives you a sneak peek into a different lifestyle, you understand all you can do with what nature provides, give it your own little twist and smell, you know what you've put inside, (you can even eat it!)

Fitomims course was done in Costuretas, a 2 hour course at 35 euros per person and you can have a fun time and learn more about plants and natural remedies while you make your own facial cream. Check out Fitomimson their website, to get your own DIY kit, or to find out if they have a workshop for you!

Herbs photograph bySuzette

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