As a blog lover, there are loads of blogs I follow, and always looking for easier and better ways to gather all of them together. Not long ago I discovered Bloglovin', an easy way to find all the blogs you like and follow them with a simple button.

I was so sad after the announcement that Google reader will come to and end that I was searching for alternatives and I found loads, but one that I liked in Bloglovin'.

Bloglovin' appears as an alternative to have all the blog love in one place. They have an easy sync with your Google reader account, so everything will be loaded for you, no worries.

I totally recommend it, the interface is nice and easy to use and very useful, so if you are not in yet go have a look and see it for yourself. Here is my profile, you can see that I have a blog of my own, this one, and also I am following 304 blogs and in the menu on the left I can see how many blog posts I haven't read yet from these blogs I follow.

Not only I am a user of bloglovin', having there all the blogs I follow but I also included this blog to be followed in there, so now you have another way to get the posts available for you. You can like the posts you read and mark them as read so you know what you have already seen and what is pending.

This is how your user profile looks like with a list of your followed blogs and dashboard.You can decide what notifications you want to receive.

If you have a blog, you can also sign in and add your blog so it can be followed in the platform. If you have just signed in our or you are thinking about it, you can follow Tourismwithme with the link below.

Any comments much appreciated, always glad to here what you think and what services you are using.

Happy Bloglovin' Everyone!