Being a complete foodie, one always makes sure that food is at the forefront of a trip. For me food is even more important than some of the sites. Apart from being a necessity, food for me allows me to explore new cultures and feel close to the people. This easter I embarked on a trip alone to North America, taking in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Atlanta and Georgia. Obviously seeing the sites was important but the food was what I was seeking out!!!

The first stop of my trip was Toronto, and after a hellish 10-hour flight from Rome as well as a connecting flight from Barcelona to Rome, my friend Andrew met me and took me to a classic Toronto institution, Burger Brats. After the flight I was in real need of something meaty! We decided to share some a bacon burger, a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake and poutin. Poutin is a dish of chips with gravy and curd cheese. It sounds disgusting but it is so tasty and I can image that it would be good hangover food!!!!

That evening I also had the chance to go to a house party in Toronto where I got to sample some typical food such as crispy creme donuts and some bacon and maple syrup cupcakes. It seems a strange combination but it is actually really nice. I have yet to recreate them at home but it's pending on the list.

The next stop on my food adventures was Niagara on the Lake. Having visited the Niagara Falls in the morning, I visited this small picturesque town which had a lot of artisan shops and I was in sweet heaven. They make a lot of handmade sweets and fudges. I had the chance to taste some of the fudge and it was divine. Toffee apples of all types were there too. If you are into handmade confectionery I would recommend a visit to this town.

The next stop on my food tour was Atlanta. I was shocked at the amount of junk food you could get in the USA. It was literally everywhere. You couldn't go a few minutes along the motorway without seeing a fast food outlet. Well to start my fast food session, I went to chick-fil-A for breakfast. The typical breakfast in the south is a chicken biscuit. I thought that a biscuit was a cookie but actually it is like a scone. This chicken biscuit was like a scone with a piece of fried chicken in the middle....not exactly the healthiest way to start the day. And you wonder why there is an obesity epidemic in the USA!

Heading further south of Georgia, I went to Brunswick and had the opportunity to experience the typical Southern BBQ. It was amazing to eat brisket meat. I thoroughly enjoyed it, however I would say that the USA is not famous for its healthy cuisine!!!!