I bet you thought that after gourmet burgers, brunch and gyn and tonics there was nothing else coming in the food trend in Barcelona, but I am sorry to tell you that there is much more. My discovery has been gourmet frankfurts at Frankie's, as you read it, no more frankfurts with ketchup and mustard there is a wide variety of options to choose from and ok, you can still have the classic but risk it to one of the most innovative frankfurts.

They have the classic ones as mentioned but with quality frankfurts and good bread, they have guacamole and mango frankfurts and even with prawns. All this frankfurt art comes from Guillem Corral, a student of Martin Berasategui, quality is served.

The place opened few months ago at the beginning of the year 2016 and in no time they managed to get a name in the city and attract locals and tourists. Being located right in front of the discotheque Luz de Gas is a plus, as they also serve cocktails, if you want to do a pre-party stop this is your place.

At Frankie's my choices were the mushroom frankfurt and the foie one, the first one with creamy mushrooms and caramelized onion and the foie placed precisely along the frankfurt giving an incredible flavor and with a truffle touch.

You can order the frankfurts with a side dish, we got their bravas and I have to tell you they might well be in one of my favorites in the city, creamy sauce with indian spicy spices that gave the sauce and interesting flavor.

Perfect for quick dinners with style, they have a long counter in the middle were they serve from with stools and some counters on the walls as well.

We were not hungry enough to go for dessert but the choices offered seemed promising so I am sure next time we will go for a cake of some sort.

Average price per person is between 10 and 15 euros depending on the frankfurt of your choosing.