The first free bookshop has arrived into Barcelona, they are an association with the aim to promote the culture without money, their first project is the first free bookshop in Catalonia.

They get books that are donated by associations and personal donations too to give books a second life so that they can be read by others with no cost. You can find novels from foreign authors, Spanish ones, Catalan literature and in other languages as well.

There are books about history, philosophy, art, self-help books,cuisine and also children books and juvenile literature. The project exists thanks to the altruism of volunteers and economic donations that allow the bookshop to survive with no income coming from the books themselves.

How does it work?

The concept is not to buy or to borrow books but to adopt a book, you go through the shelves of the store and choose the books you want, let the shop assistant know and they are yours. The only thing requested is a donation of 1 euro per book in order for the bookshop to keep running, to pay the basic needs such as rent, the phone, taxes etc..

The culture is free, if you are not able to do any donation you will be able to take a book a month with no donation implied. With the 1 euro donation, the project will be able to continue and get to more people regardless of their purchasing power.

For 15€ a year you can become an associate and you will be able to enjoy their videoteca, this service works like a library and you can borrow the material, with the fee you will also get discounts on the activities they organized. The fact that you are an associate it doesn't take out the condition to donate 1€ per book received. 

Associació Llibres Lliures de Catalunya
Opening times: from 10h a 14h / 17h a 20h
Saturdays: from 10h a 14h