Every year there is a day to celebrate the International Day of Museums, in 2016 is on 21st May 2016 from 19h to 1h in Barcelona you have different museums with free access and activities organized on them too. 

You will be able to enjoy the permanent and temporary collections at the museum, there will be concerts and performances, workshops and guided tours with the objective to get museums closer to the public.

Sadly, the cultural consumers in Barcelona do not account even for the 20% of the population, but with this initiative in only one night around 150k people visited museums and the majority of visitors were locals.

This year there are 4 centres that join the initiative for the first time, such as the Mies Van der Rohe pavilion, the Pla Armengol Foundation, the Palau Güell and the Badalona Museum aqueduct.

Timeout Barcelona recommends 4 routes through the city that will allow you to discover different parts of Barcelona along with the free museums available in the route, check them out here.

You also have the possibility to visit atelliers and artisan shops in Barcelona the very same day, you can get in there studio and see their art pieces and work as well, you can check it out at Tallers Oberts Barcelona.