I have never seen a fresh cow milk vending machine, first time ever in Puigcerdà. It looks like now it is quite spread around North Catalonia in the Pyrenees mainly. I would love to have one in Barcelona as this one.

I had to try it myself, so there I was like a tourist in my own country touching buttons and reading the instructions. There is a vending machine for the plastic bottles and they are 1 euro each, but you can also bring your own bottle and refill it, so then we recycle as good citizens.

So once you have your bottle you select 1l of milk for example, and a song starts as if you were watching cartoons, so I felt like a little girl in a kinder garden.

And then you can see that your bottle starts to get full with the milk you requested. An amazing vending machine, and right after taste it, and I can assure it had this natural feeling of fresh cow milk as if you were picking it up from the farm.

I just can't wait that this comes to Barcelona, it gives you this kind of feeling of having old times back, the good thing of all times, natural products, nature around and old flavours.

As my granny always says, when I was little bread tasted like bread and milk like milk, but now no matter what you eat all tastes the same.

So hopefully we can change that by choosing these options! Modern and old times in a fresh milk vending machine!