Girona has become one of Catalonia's hottest destinations since it appeared in season six of Game of Thrones. Girona is a historic city with city walls, winding alleyways, towers and arches that remained untouched for centuries. All these elements made Girona the perfect scenario to be the city of Braavos. 

The city of Braavos is Girona

Braavos is the wea,thiest and most powerful of the free cities as the narrator -Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank- says in the video that has been released about Braavos. Nestoris mentions the Uncloaking of Uthero, when he city of Braavos announced itself to be the Valyrian empire. The city was founded by slaves who stood up and fought against the empire 

Unfortunately, the video cannot be embedded but you can see it in Facebook or in Etcanada. Enjoy the ride through Braavos!

Season 6 on Braavos episodes

In the first episode on the sixth season Arya Stark is blind and begging the streets of Braavos when she is attacked by the Walf. She is actually walking through the medieval quarter of Girona, right behind the Cathedral on Bisbe Cartaña street.

In the second episode, the Walf comes back to attack Arya and Jaquen H'gar appears to test her and he pronounces a sentence that will remain in our heads: "If a girl says her name the man will give her her eyes back," he says. "A girl has no name," replies Arya.

She remains in her belief that the girl has no name, and it seems to be the right answer for Jaquen as he decides that she is no beggar no more. Let's review that star scene again. When Arya is fighting with the sticks you get a clear view of Girona Cathedral in the background.

In episode 5 we can see that appears Girona's Plaça dels Jurats all dressed up as an outdoor theatre in Braavos. Arya is located with the crowds looking at the play that is about the Lannister family but all of a sudden the story starts talking about her father, Ned stark and it gets harder for her to keep looking at the play.

In episode 6 the Girona cathedral steals the show when Jaime Lannister meets the High Sparrow and in that scene, Girona becomes King's Landing. A crowd waits for Margaery Tyrell to do the walk of atonement when Jaime appears and rides hi horse up the stairs of the cathedral.

This is when Jaime finds out that it is too late, that Margaery has already paid for her sins as she has persuaded the king to join the faithful.

The Girona Cathedral after this incredible scene is even more of a start than before with its Neo-classical and Romanesque style. It seems that Jaime stunt-double had a lot of work to train the poor horse to climb up the 91 steps of the cathedral.

Girona has appeared a lot in the sixth season and in episode 7 is when Arya books her ticket to leave. Arya gets stabbed three times to what seems and old lady that turns to be the Walf in disguise. She manages though to get over the bridge into the canal.

Arya Braavos Girona

Girona’s Arab Baths had to appear at some point, and they did in episode 8 during the scene where Arya and the Walf fight. In the toughest battle with her as the star, you can see the Romanesque columns appearing in the scene.

The Girona's Arab baths were built in the 12th century imitating medieval Muslim baths and consist of cold, warm and hot rooms that used to be the meeting place of the rich of the city. If you are planning to pay them a visit to get a bath, forget about it, only the men of Braavos could, but you can still pay them a visit and they are worth it! There is another scene that is worth mentioning that shows Sant Marti and Sant Domenec steps and is when Arya has in her hands a basket of oranges.

In the season finale, the Cathedral makes its appearance again and explodes onto the screen in a breathtaking scene, blown into pieces as a result of the vengeful plan of Cersei that got everyone killed.

Girona Cathedral got

Sant Pere de Galligants is also appearing in the season 6 as Oldtown as the citadel where the Maesters are trained, the building appears as it is in reality. Sam sees the immense library that is attached to the citadel, for those who visit Sant Pere can enjoy the exhibits of the monastery that include tools, textiles, pottery and much more.

I am looking forward to see more of Girona on season seventh, now that Girona has appeared as Braavos, King's Landing and also Oldtown there is hope to see the city again on scene! We shall await to see it happening.