The Gay pride in Barcelona in 2016 starts on 8th July and finishes on 10th July. The pride starts with a parade on Saturday afternoon from 17:00h, in Avinguda Paral·lel and Passeig Colom and the Pride Village at Moll de la Fusta.

Barcelona's Gay Pride is one of the main gay pride festivals in Europe that attracts more than 150k people a year.  Apart from the big parade, there are also many after-march parties in the city and in the surrounding areas.

The Gay Pride is a cultural festival and a nonprofit event organized by the LGBT community amd business institutions in Catalonia. The objective is to promote respect for diversity and towards the gay community.

Gay Pride Parade in Barcelona

Although the Gay Pride Parade is on Saturday 8th, from the previous weekend there are activities being organized in the city due to the Gay Pride celebration. From the typical gay meet up at Isla Fantasia on June 26th to music performances and many more activities. You can check out the Gay Pride program and the printed Barcelona Gay Pride program.

This year, they had to change the dates of the gathering due to Sant Joan Festivity in Catalonia, and the Gay Pride will be on 8th and 9th July where the main activities will happen. The main point of gathering will be Moll de Fusta, it will be the end point of the parade starting in Plaça Espanya at 18h that will go through Plaça Espanya and Avinguda Paral·lel to get to Plaça Drassanes and cross the Portal de la Pau to take the Passeig Colom until de Pas Sota Muralla and get into the Ronda del Port. Although the parade starts at 18h, two hours before in Avinguda Maria Cristina there will be music to get into the party mood.

Gay Pride Sitges

Sitges is a town near Barcelona that is known to be one of the most important gay towns in Catalonia during all year around. They also have a Gay Pride parade on 19th June. The parade is 2 hours long and takes place along the seafront, from Kansas Restaurant to the Church and comes back to the seafront.

The parade is for free but there is an afterparty that takes place in the gay village where there are planned amazing concerts. So you get an idea, the affluence is pretty big for being a town, last year there were more than 55k people attending the Gay Pride Sitges Parade. Here all information about the Sitges Gay Pride.