I have lived most of my life in Barcelona at l'Eixample, it is a great are to live and you have everything you need very near. That is a bad thing actually in the sense that you don't move a lot, people from l'Eixample in general, we are a bit lazy and we move around the area as it is plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and cocktail bars.

Eixample is great, but there are also other areas in Barcelona. So I have decided to explore, explore and explore Barcelona a little more everyday. During three days I decided to go for a walk and get lost in Gràcia.

Gràcia is a neighborhood that I always liked but I knew little about it, a couple of typical places but nothing else. So my finds after three days of exploring are: great shops: clothes, cool things not seen in other places in the city

Zoa regals

I loved this shop, is a kind of a hippy/indie cult, they have loads of clothes imported from India and Asia, baggy trousers, t-shirts, bags and also jewellery. I bought a couple of comfy baggy trousers for my next travel to Thailand. I can't wait to wear them they look great.


I loved that shop, the clothes are so my style. I love comfortable clothes but I want to wear them designed and with style. Comfy does not mean styleless. So this shop is both things: comfortable clothes and stylish. They use natural cloth such as linen and cotton.

Be free a shop : little objects with optimistic messages

I was surprised by the design of the shop, I loved it so I had to step inside. They have these kind of thing that make you different as it is has this special touch: designed key rings, colourful bags, car air fresheners with lovely shapes... Check them out!

Nostàlgic: barcelona photo store

A shop that makes you time travel in the world of cameras. They have a wide selection of cameras, eye fish, lens with colour effects, retro and vintage. There are also books and accessories. This is paradise for camera lovers!