Gijón is a beatiful city in Asturias, Spain. My first time in Gijón was long ago when I was in high school in a summer trip with my parents. This time, it was for a different reason, I went to TBM (Travel Bloggers meeting), it is always a great opportunity to discover new places.

The first thing that I saw in Gijón was the University, the venue for TBM conference, what an amazing place I loved it! I totally recommend to visit it on the inside.

Gijón it is also known for one of the most famous Spanish neoclassical statesman: Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, a philosopher and also a figure of the Age of Enlightenment.

The town is also known for a famous sculpture of Eduardo Chillida called the Eulogy to the Horizon. The sculpture is located in a cliff where you can see all Gijón. The piece is made from cement blocks and it was finished on 1990.

It is not only a visual sculpture but there is also a sensorial experience when being inside the sculpture as the sea is heard with all the strength. It creates an acoustic effect as right underneath the sculpture there is a refuge and it echoes the sound of the sea making it sound really loud.

Eulogy of the Horizon by Chillida

Eulogy of the Horizon by Chillida

Gijón is full of history, lovely people but above all amazing food. Asturian food is quite heavy, expect to order only one dish as the quantity of food is enough for two people. Better ask first your waiter so he will tell you the quantity to order.

I had some discoverings food wise:

Cachopo: it is fried meat covered with bread crumbs and stuffed with ham and cheese or other kind of cured meat.

Fabada: this is the most typical dish, white beans in a meat stew.

Potatoes with Cabrales cheese: Cabrales is the typical asturian cheease and trying it melted with potatoes it was a great choice. I encourage you to try it!

Asturian food

Asturian food

I had a great time in Asturias, I hope I could pass you on some of my experience but hopefully it will inspire you to visit this part of Spain. It is a great place to spend your holidays, nice food, great places to visit, medium prices and in summer if you like chilly this is your place as in the North although in summer is hot there are chilly times as well.