Girona Costa Brava airport is 95km far from Barcelona city located in Vilobí d'Onyar, and one of the main airline companies operating from this secondary airport is Ryanair. After Barcelona airport, the Girona one is the second most important in the area.

The Girona airport is also a good option if you are going to the Pyrenees or to South France. Among the multiple destinations Girona flies to are Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Turkey, Morocco, Poland etc...

The airport started as a secondary airport in the 70s with bearly 300k passengers a year and after Ryanair became the main airline to operate the passenger traffic has increased until reaching 6 million passengers a year.

How to get to Girona airport

It is easy to get to Barcelona city center from the airport, there is a company called Barcelona bus by Sagalés, that has a direct service from Girona airport to Barcelona Nord Bus Station that takes 75 minutes. 

To take the bus from Barcelona you need to go to Barcelona Nord Bus Station, it is in the metro station Arc de Triomf L1, Ali-Bei street number 80. Estació del Nord is one of the main bus station in the city that connects to other parts in Catalonia and Spain mainly. The buses depart from the bus car park at the airport and arrive in Barcelona in platform 28 or 29.

In the map below it shows you the way to get to the Bus Station and the nearest metro, is not far from the city center and you can pick up L1 line from Plaça Catalunya to get there.

The bus service is coordinated with the schedule set by Ryanair flights to the airport, so you will always find a bus at the right time to get on your plane. The bus has free wifi on board, this is always a plus for travelers and it is a direct service so you go straight to your destination. 

You can buy the ticket online so you don't need to queue in the airport to buy the ticket, in Barcelona Bus web. The price for a single ticket is 16 euros and for a return ticket is 25 euros, if you buy the return you save seven euros.

Nord bus station Barcelona