Girona temps the flors is a famous flower festival in Gironathat takes place once a year on spring to see the city decorated with flowers on monuments, streets, patios and little spaces all of them are filled with flower arrangements and topics around gardening and plants.

This edition was the first one I went to and I am so glad I did it, it is truly unique and beautiful and I have heard about it for so long that I needed to see it with my own eyes. My recommendation is to see it the first days, as the flowers are fresher, the down part is that Girona is crowded those days, you can sleep in and get up early or visit it at night as well.

You are given a map like this one, map girona temps de flors, to discover the city and it will show you the different locations where there are flowers in place. In the one below you have three different routes differenciated by color that follow in blue the patios, in purple the flower arrangements and in yellow the gardens.

Visit Girona in Temps de flors

Girona in temps de flors

It is a good time to plan your visit to Girona during the flower festival as there are some advantages to it, monuments and cultural sites have free entrance and it is beautiful to see them all decorated with flowers.

Unfortunately, we only had a couple of hours stop in Girona so I couldn't see all sites of flower arrangements but I was happy to see some of them and I was very exited since it was my first time. My favorite flower arrangements of the ones I saw were the ones at the Basília de Sant Feliu showned above, with yellow flower arrangements and decorated stairs in black and white. At Monestir de Sant Pere de galligants the cloisters is full of purple and rose color flowers with wicker baskets all around, a nice postcard of the festival!

I have learned new things in the festival, such as Ikebana, I thought it was only the name of a japanese restaurant and I discovered it is actually a japanese technique for flower arrangements that was born from the observation and respect of nature. The characteristics of this technique are simplicity, harmony and beauty, depending on the arrangementstyle it takes a different name: moribana, nageire, suikei etc...

I also enjoyed the interactive part in space number 73, where there were palets with aromatic plants such as curry, basil, mint, choc mint, parsley, lavender... You could smell all those herbs we use in our daily basis not only in cuisine but also in cosmetics and natural remedies. I liked that there were litlte texts near the plants that showed the value of those plants and inform the public about its usage.

ikebana arrangements and aromatic plants palets

ikebana arrangements and aromatic plants palets

The restaurants of the area are also engaged in temps de flors and they include in their menu edible flowers so you can taste the festival essence. One of my favorite restaurants is La Calèndula, the restaurant already has in their core concept the flowers on it, so if you can't go to Girona in temps de flors you can still taste flower dishes in la Calèndula. They even have a flower beer to acompany your flowery meal, of course.

There are audioguides in the main sites around Girona that you can download from the main page of Temps de You can find the audiguides in the app GironaIn, available in Google Play d'Android and in the App Store d'Apple.

Guided tours run specially during girona temps de flors by the official city tour guides at 10 euros per person and free for children under 10 years old. There are day tours to explain the history and go around the monuments, and there are also night guided tours with special attention to the flower arrangements and illuminated places at night.

I recommend you to do a tour around #Instaflors in Instagram where you can follow any picture tagged with this hashtag, there are amazing pics out there about the festival.

If you have tips for Girona, please share them!! It is a great time to visit the city and we all want to enjoy to the fullest. If you have never been, get the word out and share it with your friends so they can discover it!