Game of Thrones has chosen Girona as one of its scenarios for the 6th season, it is the first time HBO on GOT films in Catalonia. Girona is an amazing city, 100 km from Barcelona, near the well known Costa Brava. It is a great opportunity for tourism in the area, and put our great heritage to be seen by millions of people who follow the series.

No wonder why they chose Girona after seeing the city in its highest in Temps de flors, a Girona flower festival that fills in the streets with flower arrangements and dresses up with flowers their monuments.

Game of Thrones chose Girona for what has to offer on medieval buildings, imposing medieval city walls and their amazing jewish neighbourhood. Although the scenarios have not been confirmed yet, it seems HBO was fascinated with the hebrew quarter of El Call, with its incredible narrow streets is one of the best preserved in Europe, so they will probably take advantage of that in the filming.

Game of Thrones is by no means the first famous series or movies filmed in Girona, the most famous one filmed was The perfume: the story of a murderer by Tom Tykwer (2006). The perfume, transformed the city into a french town, Grasse in XVIII century where Jean Baptiste started to learn the art of perfume.

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants (a Benedictine abbey), Sant Daniel's monastery and Girona cathedral are one of the most representative buildings in town and HBO knows that. The filming will be in Girona city and in Canet de Mar, it has been speculated that it could include Besalú with its amazing stone bridge, but only these two locations have been confirmed.


There has been a lot of speculation on what locations of the series will be filmed in Girona, there are new locations not filmed yet in Westeros, such as Oldtown, Casterly Rock, the Quiet Isle etc.. 

If you have been to Girona you are probably aware that the best restaurant in the world is there, El Celler de Can Roca. What not everyone knows is that one of Roca's brothers have also an ice cream shop called Rocambolesc in Girona too that is full of creativity and uniqueness as everything they do.

Since Game of Thrones is coming to Girona, they created a special ice cream with the shape of the golden hand of Jaime Lannister in Can Casterly Roca, the kingslayer.

6th season of Game of Thrones


The city of Girona has been confirmed as a location for the series and they were looking for extras among the local population as they normally do in their filming in different locations. According to El Punt avui, Fresco Film Services seeked 2600 extras for this 6th season and the casting took place on June 29th and 30th 2015.

They were looking for men and women from 18 years old to 65 years old, women with long her and natural color, and men with natural color, short or long hair but willing to grow a bear or be shaved for the show if needed.

The same publication also mentions that the filming is scheduled for September 2015, from 1st to 21st. It is still unknown what kind of scenes will be filmed and what actors will be on them since this 6th season is the most secret one as the series goes ahead George Martin's books, so no one knows what to expect.

I am already imagining a Khaleesi walking the medieval city walls of Girona, but we will have to wait to see that or not...

Update 8th September: we have already seen Arya Stark -Maisie Williams- in Girona, and all information seems to head to Girona being filmed as King's landing and Braavos.

See the video below that walks you through the locations in Girona that will be filmed in Game of Thrones and also winter is coming has published a good compilation of the game of thrones film locations for Girona.

Game of Thrones will film in Canet de Mar

Exciting news that there will be more locations in my beloved Catalonia, Canet de Mar in Maresme area, near Barcelona has been the chosen one. Castle Santa Florentina is going to be one of this locations, the castle dates back to roman times. It has been confirmed that Castell de Sant Florentina is Horn Hill, the Tarly family castle.

1st time for Tours of Game of Thrones in Catalonia

This is the first time that Game of Thrones films in Catalonia, although HBO has filmed already in some locations in Spain. We are starting to see some Game of thrones tours in Girona that will go through the locations of the series following the model created for Game of Thrones tourism promotion in Dubrovnik in Croatia. 

The city of Girona will have the authority to exploit the images and the names of the enclaves for tourism promotion. 


Practically Perfect Mums Ltd commented about 5 years

I'd already heard a hint about this on the grapevine - what excellent news for Girona!

Meritxell commented about 5 years in response to Practically Perfect Mums Ltd

It is great news for Girona indeed! We love to see a bit of Catalonia in GOT.

Dumitru commented over 3 years

Could not go though this post as this is my top series, thank you for the post. Next time when I visit Girona I will have a stop at the rocambolesc too, good to know this special locations. Thank you!

Meritxell commented over 3 years in response to Dumitru

Hi Dumitru! Rocambolesc is great, and now the good news is that they have opened a shop in Las Ramblas in Barcelona. So might be able to run for an incredible Ice Cream near home!

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